Our land. The one that perhaps we know better than any other destination but that at the same time nobody knows enough. We receive more and more questions via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? An Itinerary in Sardinia in the West also for families is the strategy to adopt to have clearer ideas about the next destination.

In order to answer your questions, we need to ask you as many questions, for example: which airport will you arrive at? How much time do you have available for the holiday? Are you going to rent a car? Or a camper? For this reason, our job is to create tailor-made itineraries. We try to better understand your needs and then structure an itinerary, in this case in Sardinia in the West, perhaps with the family, suitable for your requests and try to create a dream vacation.

West Sardinia Itinerary For Families


In  west coast  Sardinia shows the lesser known side away from the villages and nightlife. Here nature reigns with the utmost power, conquering with its own  shrubs of Mediterranean scrub  vast areas escaped the domination of man, intoxicating the air with perfumes. Ideal starting from the symbolic area of the west coast, Oristano and its surroundings. An itinerary in the west area whether you are a solo traveler, as a couple or as a family is the best thing to do.

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The beautiful peninsula of Sinis is a piece of paradise where you can't help but stop. 40 kilometers of coastline, precisely in the province of  Oristano, offer scenarios in which the  cliffs  steep of  About Tingiosu  alternate with white quartz beaches. There is also Cabras , whose pond is famous for the variety of aquatic birds that breed among the reeds.  Giovanni Marongiu Municipal Archaeological Museum  the famous giants of  Mont'e Prama, the oldest colossus statues in the Mediterranean, and the archaeological finds found in Tharros , we have created an article about an excursion in the area (take a look at the dedicated section)

Continuing north for a bit of romance you can stop at Bosa . The small town is crossed by the river  I fear. Above, on the  hill of  Serravalle, the  Malaspina Castle  dominates the scenario. From here you travel about 50 km to get to Alghero, and these km represent one of the most spectacular routes in Italy. The provincial road 105 in question runs along the sea for the whole stretch giving, to those who travel it, real postcard views. Along the way there are dirt roads that lead down to the sea. You can therefore leave the main road and enjoy the colors of the sea of the wild coves where other swimmers can hardly meet. The colors of this area of Sardinia vary from different shades of green  of the vegetation to the infinite shades of azure-blue of the sea. There are very few buildings along the way, if not for some abandoned sheepfold or used as a makeshift refuge by some Sardinian shepherd. Due to the beauty of the landscape it crosses, this road has been nominated to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Suitable for a family? Absolutely, a bit like all of Sardinia. Leaving the coast for a moment, inside the western part we can find, for example, the splendid one Santu Lussurgiu , with its historic center with suggestive views and the spectacle of  church of San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes, a small Romanesque church embellished with seven lush fountains. The famous Roman Baths of Fordongianus, dating back to the first century after Christ, rise on the banks of the  Tirso river. The spas, since their foundation, exploit a natural source that still flows at a constant temperature of 56 degrees and continues to be used for its healing properties.

There are many uniqueness of the area also from the food and wine point of view. We pass from mullet and bottarga from Cabras to excellent meats from Montiferru, but also linguine with sea urchins from Bosa with its splendid Malvasia . Let's say we have all tastes. There is only one thing missing, contact us and create together the tailor-made itinerary for your dream vacation.


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