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Answer a quick questionnaire, it will take you less than 2 minutes. It will be important for us to know your needs in order to plan the best tailor-made itinerary

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We will study your request and after a maximum of 24 hours you will receive our travel proposal together with the quote. We are experts in the Sardinia destination and we will discuss to create the best travel idea for you

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You will receive your travel itinerary following payment for our service and possibly payment for lodging (the big news in 2024). Exclusive tips, interactive maps and a contact list of local businesses. This will be the best Sardinia you can imagine.

How much does our service cost?

A plan suitable for all your needs! Do you have any doubts? Contact us and set up a Web Call or take a look at our FAQ – Questions and Answers section


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The benefits of our newsletter

Our newsletter service is active for 2 times a month with offers and discounts regarding our travel itinerary planning service

You will have access to our flagship products through promotions, exclusively and before it is made public through the platform and social channels.

Our BLOG section is constantly expanding with news and tips (free of charge) on many activities and attractions in Sardinia. All of this is the result of our experience in the field.

Our DRAN Experience brand, active since 2021, provides magnificent guided excursions including snorkeling, hiking, wine tours, cooking classes and many other experiences. Don’t miss out on discount codes and news.


15 for each day of the itinerary (cost NOT per person)
  • Guaranteed delivery in 6 - 10 days

What do you find in the itinerary?

What to see, what to do and where to go among beaches, hinterland, villages, nature, spectacular viewpoints and even suggestions on where to eat typical. All in relation to your requests.

Tips and activities included in a daily travel itinerary, exclusive for you, and to be followed independently.

The itinerary created can also be viewed within an interactive map in google maps style

We will also provide you with a quote for accommodations in Sardinia (to be paid separately from our service), and you can book them directly with us through our affiliation with Fora Travel Tour Operator. In addition to this, directly on our website you can choose and book your excursion.

Plus for you

Don’t miss our proposals about accommodations, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lots of benefits

Bad weather? Problems with GPS? Contact us and we will provide you with a plan B through our quick and direct Whatsapp / Telegram channels.

As soon as you receive your itinerary, contact us for any changes to be made

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Do you need a Sardinia multi-day guided tours?

Do you need a Sardinia multi-day guided tours?

Are you planning to book a tour in Sardinia?

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