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Davide Fancellu

The founder of Travel Planner Family is me, Davide , a graduate in environmental science, with a decade of experience in the world of tourism and with a series of professional certificates related to the planning of tourist itineraries.

Not only skills but also passions, such as travel that led me and my wife, now an integral part of the team, to explore 42 countries around the world.

For me, traveling also means discovering a place 20 minutes from home, not just 3000 km away. Travels have defined me and made me understand how important simplicity is.

Simplicity, like that of Sardinia. I studied and analyzed the incredible potential of my island, a magical land that I know very well and that I would like you to discover in its most hidden pearls and in the indissoluble bonds that are created with the local people, with the traditions, with the atmosphere, with the nature. Discover our history and it will be easier for you to get an idea about our company.

From a passion, a job

In 2013

The first turning point

It was a random question that sparked the idea of a possible business in me, but let’s jump into 2013. Passion and curiosity have led Romina and me to travel around the world with a backpack on their backs. Enchanting places, faces, traditions and unique experiences have allowed us to discover more than 40 states and the arrival of our 2 children, Asia and Noah, did not stop us either. Our experience was immortalized by photos that ended up on our social pages Facebook and Instagram , the latter still in its infancy. There was interaction and involvement in the community, followers increased as did travelers ‘ curiosity . And I, at that moment, was still in the dark about everything that was going to happen to me.


DRAN Experience Tours

The requests received by Travel Planner Family did not stop only in having a travel itinerary to follow independently, but there were also requests for guided tours. That’s when DRAN Experience was born ,guided tours in Sardinia always with me, after I got my license. DRAN Experience’s mission is to promote off-the-beaten track locations  and wonderful experiences in Sardinia through highly emotional guided tours

In 2017

One question, no answer

Many asked me for advice, suggestions, assistance on how to get there and find what they saw on our pages. They even asked me to plan their itinerary, the answer was always ready and for me the goal was to help travelers make the right decision, to better organize their trip. But one day, in 2017 , a girl asked me “How much do I owe you for this precious info?” , I was petrified, without answer . Travelers started knocking on my door asking “Hey, can you fix this?” It is at that moment that a light bulb came on, that of the Travel Planner Family.


It's official, he was born

And so it was that during one of humanity’s most difficult periods, between 2020 and 2021, I decided to put to use experience as a traveler to offer insights into the place we know best: Sardinia. The birth of the site, the in-depth focus on our island, the visibility on the web and on social networks and the first customers were the numbers of a magnificent and overwhelming start . Our figure was missing on the market, a “local” who became the future traveler’s “friend of the place” . Popularity has led us to have been cited by newspapers (See Agi.it and La Nuova Sardegna ) and have been chosen for their journey by characters in the world of TV (See Claudio Sona and Linda Morselli ). We are now a team of experts from Sardinia , as well as the first company in Italy to be solely focused on consulting and planning travel itineraries in Sardinia. We can really help you plan your vacation by saving you time, stress and money . You just need to do an action: Trust us.


Fora Travel & SpotiTrip

2024 becomes a year full of news and excitement. Davide Fancellu officially becomes one of the Travel Advisors of Fora Travel, a huge tour operator based in America. This step provides Travel Planner Family not only to create a self-guided travel itinerary, but also to create a travel package to Sardinia including Accommodation, tour, transfer and itinerary. Also finally born in 2024 is a highly interactive app that can create a one-click travel itinerary: SoonTrip. It is a Fast, intuitive, user-friendly App, accessible from all devices, with more than 700 locations to visit, many of them little known. It is an App with a cost, per route and per day, that is incredibly low for the potential of the service. A travel itinerary with interactive map and the ability to integrate reservations including accommodations, transportation, and tours.

And now? Imagine your holiday in Sardinia .....

.... because we will make it a reality!

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