There are those who go on vacation, there are those who travel. We have always traveled in life, with a backpack on our shoulders and to discover new places, sometimes very difficult to reach. We have done it, and we are still doing it, even on our beautiful island. On this page we will place some of the beaches of Sardinia, the most beautiful, but not only. Don't think of the beautiful but expensive Costa Smeralda, Sardinia is so much more.

To make a ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia , it is necessary to make a selection based on numerous factors. One beach may be suitable for a family , another may not. One can only be reached by sea, others also by land . One involves a trek to get there, while others have parking at 500 meters. The beaches of Sardinia, according to the climatic conditions, the sun, the wind can change completely, which is very important can have a completely subjective evaluation in relation to the needs of each of us.

Beaches of Sardinia

In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small list of beaches in Sardinia that can include all the points such as ease of access by land or by sea through tours, refreshment services (apart from in the case of tours), suitable for families and that we have something in common like white / pink / golden sand and crystal clear sea, perhaps all with a breathtaking landscape.

At the bottom of the page you will find some links of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia according to the area: North, South, East and West. A TOP 5 that you will need for your notes when you plan your holidays . Do you want to discover the wildest and most remote beaches? Contact us, our service will do it for you.

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Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia



A real corner of the Caribbean. This authentic pearl, located in the south-eastern part of our island opens up our special ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia . It is a long stretch of soft, very light sand, with pink hues deriving from granite fragments, enclosed between a lagoon and the sea of pale blue tones, which takes on an infinite number of shades as you go offshore. Porto Giunco is a tropical beach in the middle of the Mediterranean, one of the most famous on the island and one of the most beautiful in Italy.


The beautiful beach of Is Arutas in West Sardinia extends for several kilometers and has a transparent sea that takes on colors between green and intense blue. Why is this beautiful beach famous? Is Arutas , as well as the nearby beaches of Mari Ermì and Punta Maimoni, differ mainly from the other coasts of Sardinia, as they are composed of porphyritic granite and not the more common limestone rock. The slow disintegration of matter under atmospheric events and following particular cooling conditions, has created sea beds made up of multicolored quartz grains. This corner of Sardinia is unique in its kind and, for large stretches, is still wild and little built. This thing is officially included in our itineraries with remote corners yet to be discovered.


Located between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento and about 2.5 km from the beaches of Chia it is absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, for some even the best for the services offered and the ease of entry (apart from that it is necessary to book since from 2020 it is a limited number ). Golden white sand, turquoise sea, fascinating conformation with Mediterranean scrub that surrounds it and an incredible panorama with a view of the homonymous islet of this beautiful beach in Sardinia . What are you waiting for to visit it?


An example of how beautiful and perfect nature is. The pink beach of Budelli (Cala di Roto - Maddalena Archipelago), owes its name to the characteristic coral pink color of the sand of the shoreline, thanks to the presence of calcareous shells of a single-celled organism (foraminiferous) whose habitat is in the oceanic posidonia present a few meters from the beach. In my opinion, it represents a habitat to be conserved for this reason, since 1994 access, transit, parking and bathing have been prohibited. Navigation is possible up to the border of the buoys, about 70 meters from the shore, which close the bay.

Think of a tourist who returned the sand he had stolen 29 years ago saying "I feel guilty".


This splendid beach in Sardinia is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei. This pristine jewel declared an Italian National Monument, is famous for the pinnacle of about 145 meters and a beach created by a landslide with golden white sand. It is a splendor that deserves the first position in this special ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

Most beautiful beaches in Sardinia according to the area

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