We are facing probably the most important city in Sardinia for many points of view. First of all it is the university and archiepiscopal seat, a city with a thousand-year history, the historical administrative center of the island and its tourist port is of fundamental importance since it carries out tourist, commercial and industrial functions. Undoubtedly this city is worth a visit even for several days and is often used by many travelers as the main HUB to spend their holidays and explore the surrounding areas. In another article I took Villasimius as the main city and described some points of the South East area ( read the article ), in this case I consider Cagliari and the coastal surroundings of the city in a southwest direction. So what to see in Cagliari and surrounding areas?

What to see in Cagliari



Our visit to Cagliari undoubtedly starts from the historic district, the Castle . The heart of the city that through pleasant walks you can admire in all its splendor. The Bastion Saint Remy is certainly the starting point, an imposing construction dating back to the early 1900s in limestone and white granite and our keen suggestion is to go up to the Umberto I terrace , an exceptional area to have a unique view over the whole city and its marina. Continuing towards Piazza Castello you will be able to see the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Santa Cecilia , with its unmistakable octagonal dome which has become the symbol of the old quarter of Cagliari. In the upper area then you enter the citadel of museums , with its archaeological museum (worth a visit) and oriental art that stands out above all.

It is undoubtedly interesting to walk inside the 3 historic districts of Cagliari: Stampace, through its narrow, cobblestone streets you will discover many medieval churches (don't forget to visit the Roman amphitheater); the Marina district, where you can buy souvenirs and typical objects thanks to the wealth of artisan stores, goldsmiths and taste typical products thanks to the many restaurants there; another area is the shopping area that is enclosed through two streets: Garibaldi and Manno. If you are interested in history and art, however, a visit to the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Bonaria , one of the main religious complexes of Sardinia (in the Bonaria district), will be a must. Another area of Cagliari to see and "live" is undoubtedly the Lungomare Poetto which runs along the 9 km long beach of Cagliari del Poetto, here on Sundays it is closed to traffic and a walk through bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors lined with scent is enchanting. of the sea.


Cagliari is the main HUB for a visit to both the city and the neighboring coastal areas, especially to admire the beautiful beaches. In the article about Villasimius and its surroundings I gave some advice on some beaches in the South-East area, now it is the turn of the South West area up to the dunes of Porto Pino. The first beach that comes to mind is definitely the town, the Poetto . Here you will find everything, bars, restaurants, sports of all kinds but also relaxation and fun, a 9 km beach that stands out above all not only for its size but also for the transparency of the water and the pure white color of the sand. Another beach to report in the South-West side is the beach of Nora , adjacent to the archaeological site, activities related to the wind are practiced a lot. The Su Giudeu beach, the symbol of Chia , is certainly the most popular of the whole south side, the scene of numerous commercials in which the very fine light sand and the polychromatic color of the water stood out. Another interesting coastal site to visit is Tuerredda beach , in my opinion the most beautiful in the whole southern part thanks to the particular shape, the view of the islet, the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the perfect marriage between white sand and crystal clear sea. For me, it was love at first sight. What to see but above all which beaches to see in Cagliari and surroundings? It's not all.

These beaches just mentioned are not the only ones, on the contrary, they are the most popular. Below you will see a sequence of remote beaches that can be reached by car or through trekking and which are located in the immediate vicinity of Cagliari, therefore they are inevitably worth seeing and exploring. Don't forget us travel planner we absolutely encourage the discovery of remote and off the beaten track areas, but not only that, we also recommend choosing a beach based on the weather condition (may or may not be exposed to winds), based on kind of travellers (perhaps if you are a family I would prefer to recommend a beach with services rather than a remote one that can be reached after 50 minutes of trekking) and at your needs and passions. Choosing our service will be fundamental, before and during your vacation. Enjoy the show.

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Even in Cagliari, as in almost all coastal cities, there are many outdoor activities to do. A boat tour that can be a boat, a sailboat or a raft is a must if we want to visit remote corners of the coast and perhaps explore the seabed with diving or snorkeling . The SUP is another activity to do absolutely, between crystal clear water and a magical outline of beaches with white sand and a fragrant Mediterranean scrub. By land tours in nature are widespread, in fact there are numerous paths around Cagliari where it is possible to see a lot of endemic flora and fauna and admire landscapes from spectacular panoramic points (an example is the one from the Sella Del Diavolo ). In addition to trekking, also MTB , 4x4 and quad tours . In any case, in the most important center of Sardinia you can do any activity, given the beautiful and lush nature and the beautiful southern coast. Another outdoor activity is certainly a walk in the Molentargius - Le Saline park , a naturalistic complex rich in various plant and animal species. The real symbol of the park, however, is the pink flamingo, which chose this area in the early nineties for nesting. Seeing a flock of these beautiful birds will be truly thrilling.


Cagliari and its surroundings allow travelers to step back in time and learn about its long and incredible history through the numerous archaeological sites of different eras. The monuments dating back to the Roman civilization are impressive and among the most important at a regional level such as the amphitheater, the villa of Tigellio and the cave of the Vipera . Among the archaeological sites around Cagliari, Nora is worth a visit, an ancient city built near pre-existing Nuragic settlements and later Punic and Roman settlements. It was precisely the first Phoenician city, a fundamental trade hub given its enviable position. In addition to the fascinating beauty of the site, the incredible discovery made during the first excavations at the end of the 19th century, the stele of Nora (located in the archaeological museum in Cagliari), the earliest Phoenician writing ever found in the West, dated 9th century B.C. and in which the inscription Shrdn (i.e. Sardinia). Another archaeological site of considerable importance and located in one of the seven hills of Cagliari is the Necropolis of Tuvixeddu, a myriad of perforations made in the limestone rock and place where the Carthaginians decided to bury their dead, thus creating the largest Punic necropolis with more than 1,000 shaft tombs. Incredible right? You have to see a photo from the top, the site is crazy.


A part dedicated to gourmets and to those who are not enough just to see Cagliari but also to “taste it”. The cuisine of Cagliari is rich in influences, especially Genoese and Catalan, which in some way make the goodness of the raw material coming from fishing stand out. One dish that you absolutely must try is cocciula e cozzas a schiscionera, that is, clams and mussels cooked in a pan with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and breadcrumbs, an incredible goodness. Sa cassola is an appetizing fish soup, sa burrida, catfish boiled in tomato and vinegar sauce. Lobster is also cooked above all in the Campidanese style, that is, boiled and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Regarding seafood first courses, the first course that represents Cagliari's excellence is certainly fregula cun cocciula (with clams). There are also enviable land dishes such as su mazzamurru , based on stale bread and tomato sauce, the popular malloreddus with tomato sauce, impanadas , calzones stuffed with meat and vegetables and culurgiones with meat sauce. If you are looking for a dessert, try pardulas , cheese-based sweets, ei candleus , sweets made with almond paste sheets flavored with orange, without neglecting the goodness of the typical Sardinian dessert, the seadas . The wine? of course, Nuragus and Nasco are local excellences.


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