We receive more and more questions via Facebook or e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? So many questions that we intend to answer by creating posts about it. Clearly the biggest advice is to rely on us for the entire creation of the itinerary, our figure will be of vital importance throughout your holiday! (9 days Sardinia itinerary)

In this post we have focused on a recommended 9-day itinerary in the south area that you can do by car, motorbike or even in a camper (it will be a crazy emotion). To make a one-week journey in the southern part it is necessary to know if your hub will be Cagliari, or the Villasimius area or the Chia area , clearly it is only a suggestion and they are the 3 most important centers in the area and fundamental to move better throughout the part. south. There are popular beaches known throughout Italy and around the world but not only, even small hidden pearls, some even remote and impossible to visit except by boat tour.

Remember, these are just small tips, the real itinerary and the detailed one will be what we will do for you if you contact us, advice on hidden and off-the-beaten-path pearls, breathtaking coastal areas, archaeological sites and much more. As we have always said in every post, our professional figure will be important and will help you often during your vacation. (9 days Sardinia itinerary)

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Let's start talking about this 9-day itinerary in Sardinia. Below is a diagram regarding days and locations for this magnificent holiday in the southern area of Sardinia. We leave immediately. PS: Interested in the Northern part? Take a look at the bottom of the page.

Sardinia itinerary 9 days


DAY 1/2/3/4: Teulada and surroundings

Starting for example from Teulada (Chia) it is certainly beautiful to see the Porto Pino area, the 4 kilometers of coastline that we can divide into three portions: two distinct beaches, separated by the ruins of a pier and the area of sand dunes. The latter is a wonderful area and is characterized by white sand dunes produced by the erosion of the rocks of the promontory, by the sea and by atmospheric agents. On the top of the dunes grows a dense scrub of prickly juniper.

The second and third day is to be absolutely dedicated to the area of Capo Malfitano and Capo Spartivento where the beautiful beach of Tuerredda stands out. This beach is a real wonder of nature and certainly recalls Caribbean sceneries, it has become an undisputed symbol of Sardinia, thanks to the intense blue of the water, the green of the trees and the very white color of the fine sand.

Then move to Su Giudeu , from the top you will admire a dream panorama, often the scene of film scenes and commercials. Su Giudeu is a long beach of fine white sand and a very shallow seabed, particularly suitable for children, characterized by the presence of smooth rocks that form the offshore island. Nearby, do not miss a visit to the archaeological area of Bithia , an ancient Nuragic city, then Phoenician, Punic and Roman, one of the most important archaeological sites in southern Sardinia.

DAY 5: Cagliari

After a visit on the road to the coast from Chia to Cagliari stop in the city for one night (it will be enough to see something). The capital of Sardinia is a symbol of the Mediterranean atmosphere and offers what you want from a holiday, in fact you will have everything nearby including history, art, beautiful sea and parks, but also relaxation and good food. The district Castle stands on the highest hill, characterized by ancient ramparts, now terraces where the nightlife comes alive, and picturesque narrow streets overlooked by aristocratic mansions, at the foot of the Castle you will descend to the Marina, which will remain with you for the beautiful buildings and arcades on Via Roma, including the Civic Palace. At the end of the city tour, you will be able to immerse yourself in the thousand attractions at a natural level: the lagoon of Cagliari, the park of Molentargius-Saline, and of course the sea. Take a dip at Poetto , an eight-kilometer-long city beach of soft sand flanked by a pedestrian and bicycle path. Gorgeous even at night, when it reveals its glamorous side. From Poetto you can go on an excursion to Calamosca and the Devil's Saddle .

DAY 6/7/8/9: Villasimius and surroundings

Continuing with the itinerary in the southern part, on the fifth day of the holiday, we move towards the south-eastern part of the island. Our advice is to stay in towns like Solanas or Villasimius (each type of accommodation is slightly more expensive). We immediately begin to admire the Solanas area with its beautiful beach. The beach, often caressed by a fragrant wind due to the imposing vegetation that surrounds it, is characterized by an immense beach of golden sand that is soft to the touch. The water contains in its mirror all the shades of green and blue and is clear and gradually deep. To the east, at the base of Capo Boi, a small dune that softens the landscape. The tourist village of the same name nearby, and the presence of refreshment points, guarantee you a comfortable and safe stay, while pedal boats, deck chairs and umbrellas are available on the beach for a relaxing day full of beauty.

Surely another day will be of exploration in the Punta Molentis area: the blue sea, the bright white of the beach dotted with pink on the shoreline, and the green of the Mediterranean scrub. These are the postcard colors of Punta Molentis, one of the pearls of Villasimius (and of all southern Sardinia), you will find it along the scenic provincial road to Castiadas and Costa Rei. The crystal clear waters bathe the white and fine sand, whose reflections illuminate the coast. The promontory and the beach are part of the marine area of Capo Carbonara and owe their name to su molenti, the donkey: once a means of transporting the material extracted from the surrounding granite quarries. The granite rocks emerge like wrecks where the shore turns pink at sunset. Divided into several coves , Punta Molentis is surmounted by Mediterranean shrubs and cacti with multicolored flowers, which give the panorama an unusual aspect and perfume the air.

The last 3 days are to be dedicated to some of the most beautiful and best equipped beaches in the area. Let's talk first of all about Porto Giunco: anyone who passes through Villasimius is dazzled by it: a long expanse of soft, very clear sand, with pink hues arising from granite fragments, enclosed between a lagoon and the sea of soft blue hues, which takes on an infinity of hues as you go offshore. Porto Giunco is a tropical beach in the center of the Mediterranean, one of the most famous on the island and the most beautiful in Italy, as confirmed by TripAdvisor users, as well as by specialized magazines. Not only that, also pay a visit to Sinzias beach, once again, you will be amazed.

Last day to dedicate to a little pearl until a few years ago little known, we are talking about Cala Pira : A wonderful pink bay, a turquoise sea and the embrace of vegetation make this beach on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, along the road between Villasimius and Costa Rei, an unmissable destination. I hope that this 9-day itinerary in South Sardinia has been interesting for you and you can take inspiration in case of a trip to Sardinia. In any case, we advise you to contact us if you want something more detailed, including remote beaches, advice on restaurants with typical cuisine but not only, archaeological sites, authentic Sardinian villages and much more.


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