We receive more and more questions via social media or by e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? Many questions that we intend to answer by creating articles on the subject. In any case, the greatest advice is to rely on us for the entire creation of the itinerary, our figure will be of vital importance throughout your holiday! (7 days Sardinia itinerary)

In this post we have focused on a recommended 7-day itinerary in the north that you can do by car, motorbike or even in a camper (it will be a crazy emotion). To travel a week in the north, you need to know if your hub will be Alghero or Olbia , clearly it's just a suggestion and they are the two most important cities in the north west and north east. Some of the most beautiful beaches are absolutely located in the north, some even remote and impossible to visit except by boat tour.

It will not matter where you start from (Alghero or Olbia), this itinerary will be only indicative so as not to miss the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia and try to discover the beauties of our island, all in a week's vacation. Remember, these are just small tips, the real itinerary and the detailed one will be what we will do for you if you contact us, advice on hidden and off-the-beaten-path pearls, breathtaking coastal areas, archaeological sites and much more.

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Let's start talking about this 7-day itinerary in Sardinia. Below is a scheme regarding days and locations for a week of travel in the north of Sardinia. We leave immediately. PS: Interested in the southern part? Take a look at the bottom of the page.

Sardinia itinerary 7 days


DAY 1/2: Alghero and surroundings

Starting from Alghero, it is of absolute importance to visit not only the Catalan town, a beautiful historic center , but also the outline present in that area from Capo Caccia to Bosa. The itinerary we recommend is a route that goes from the north up to Bosa (about 45 km from Alghero), you will have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful beaches as in the area lazaretto, some natural pools present in the coastal coastline to the south, small beaches present along the road and also admire one of the most authentic villages of Sardinia, precisely Bosa. It will take you a couple of days, even having time, possibly, to do some activities in case of favorable weather conditions such as surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing since the west and north west are the most exposed to the wind that dominates the island, the mistral. Not only that, if you rely on us, you will have the opportunity to have local contacts for other spectacular activities such as horseback riding , trekking , boat tours and much more.

DAY 3: Stintino and surroundings

The third day is dedicated to a first visit to Stintino , with the beautiful Pelosa in relief. Remember one very important thing, book your place through the dedicated website, for a couple of years the entrance to the beach has been reserved for a maximum of 1500 people per day (cost € 3.50 per person). You can spend the night there in the area or move towards Castelsardo , another beautiful village in Sardinia and absolutely worth seeing.

DAY 4/5: Capo Testa and surroundings

From the central area, move north-east and visit Capo Testa . The main town in the area is Santa Teresa di Gallura and it will be fantastic to discover an incredible number of small coves and extraordinary valleys, one above all Valle Della Luna (valley of the hippies). Discovering the coast up to Palau , there are remote areas still unknown to most Sardinians, such as a small cove that was closed and militarized until 15 years ago. After a couple of days discovering this coastal part, our itinerary suggestion continues in the Olbia area.

DAY 6/7: Olbia and surroundings

There are many locations to visit but it is clear that you cannot do everything. The first day I would dedicate to discovering the Maddalena archipelago or at least part of it. We absolutely recommend a boat tour, you will go to admire coves with crystal clear sea where it will be a pleasure to dive and cool off during a hot day. The last day instead to be dedicated to a particular area, is located near Cala Girgolu and represents an authentic pearl of the north east part of the island.


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