Our land. The one that perhaps we know better than any other destination but that at the same time nobody knows enough. We receive more and more questions via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? An Itinerary in Sardinia in the North West is the strategy to be adopted to have clearer ideas about the next destination.

In order to answer your questions, we need to ask you as many questions, for example: which airport will you arrive at? How much time do you have available for the holiday? Are you going to rent a car? Or a camper? For this reason, our job is to create tailor-made itineraries. We try to better understand your needs and then structure an itinerary, in this case in North West Sardinia, suitable for your requests and try to create a dream vacation.

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North West Sardinia itinerary

Alghero ! Our city is the one that most represents the North-West coast of Sardinia. Among the cobbled streets of the historic center, in the facades of the buildings, between the mullioned windows and the walled portals, the image and history of Alghero are hidden. A Catalan history enclosed within centuries-old walls that have always been a hinge between the world beyond and on this side of the sea. A magical place where you can spend your time as you could not imagine: relaxing on the beach, as lovers of sport and the environment, good food and wine, archeology or excursions by sea and land. Alghero is pure magic.


In front of Alghero there is the extraordinary promontory of Capo Caccia with incredible cavities, including the Grotta di Nettuno and the Grotta Verde. The North West of Sardinia is not only Alghero. Here are pristine inlets, cliffs, islets. Many of the legends about the splendor of Sardinia come from here, from the enchanting north-western side of the island. The beaches in this area (take a look at the dedicated section) are among the most renowned on the island and are characterized by  clear sand, like that of the wonderful beach of de La Pelosa , which will enchant you with its clear and crystalline waters. What about the Asinara Island , a masterpiece of rare beauty. There is also Castelsardo , an ancient medieval stronghold, it is easy to immerse yourself in the splendid  Punta la Capra, whose play between sea and rocks creates a real open-air swimming pool.

Suitable for a family? Absolutely, a bit like all of Sardinia. Not just the sea. The natural beauties of the north-west of Sardinia are combined with important archaeological sites such as the pre-Nuragic Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, the Nuraghe of Palmavera and the beautiful Valley of the Nuraghi in the Sardinian hinterland (take a look at the dedicated section) a few miles from Alghero.. Not to mention the cuisine. This area has a gastronomic richness that also comes to it from the variety of the landscape: sea, hills, modest mountain ranges. From typical seafood dishes such as thelobster Catalan style and linguine with urchins by moving on to a northwest coast classic, favata. Also taste a good Cagnulari, an ancient and typical vine that finds its preferred environment in a small area of the North-West of Sardinia. There is only one thing missing, contact us and create together the tailor-made itinerary for your dream vacation.


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