Our land. The one that perhaps we know better than any other destination but that at the same time nobody knows enough. We receive more and more questions via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? An Itinerary in Sardinia in the South West for families is the strategy to adopt to have clearer ideas about the next destination. Interested in beaches? (take a look at the dedicated section)

In order to answer your questions, we need to ask you as many questions, for example: which airport will you arrive at? How much time do you have available for the holiday? Are you going to rent a car? Or a camper? For this reason, our job is to create tailor-made itineraries . We try to better understand your needs and then structure an itinerary, in this case in South West Sardinia also for families, suitable for your requests and try to create a dream vacation.

South West Sardinia itinerary for families


Let's now talk about the South West of Sardinia. The great and true wealth of this part of Sardinia came thanks to its geological conformation, in fact since ancient times the territory was known for the wealth of coal, iron, lead and zinc. In fact, the presence of these deposits has made it, until recently, a mining area of considerable importance. After the closure of the extraction plants, and therefore the abandonment of the territory by man and his activities, Nature returned to be the master, developing unchallenged. Today the territory is part of the Geo-Mining Historical Environmental Park of Sardinia, recognized by UNESCO in 1997, as the first park in the world network of Geosites / Geoparks. Our itineraries in South Sardinia also for families pass here.

In our opinion, this portion of land is absolutely worth discovering, in fact it represents one of the most beautiful and wild corners of Sardinia, and at the same time largely ignored by tourism, so much so that from statistical data it appears to be the area least affected by tourist flows. The conformation of the coast is extremely diverse, ranging from landscapes of sandy dunes that stretch out to the sea, to kilometer-long beaches of fine sand interrupted by unexpected cliffs or by enchanting rocky coves. We just have to take a look at some photos:

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Suitable for a family? Absolutely, a bit like all of Sardinia. Among other things, it is enough to travel a few kilometers towards the hinterland to be enveloped by the incredible variety of the territory. A suggestive mountainous environment, from a geological point of view among the most varied, which offers hospitality and shelter to many animal species among incredible cork and holm oak woods. The volcanic system of Mt. Arcuentu, about 800 meters high composed of large peaks and walls formed as lava flows solidified. Or The Linas massif, which with the summit of Sa Perda de sa mesa reaches 1,236 m, is one of the oldest and among the most relevant environments in Sardinia. Here live some of the endemic species such as the golden eagle and the mouflon.

It is an area full of tradition and culture. The very numerous  archaeological sites  And  Nuragic, Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine finds make Sulcis Iglesiente a true paradise for history buffs. But not only that, between a visit to an archaeological site, a walk in a mining park and a boat tour, it is easy to taste the gastronomic delicacies of the area. , such as tuna , oil, pecorino, honey, oil, tuna and all accompanied by a Carignano DOC  of Sulcis. There is only one thing missing, contact us and create together the tailor-made itinerary for your dream vacation.


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