Which airlines to choose? When to go or book? Here are the best connections to Sardinia and our valuable logistical advice.


In our career as a Travel Designer for Sardinia, we have often heard ourselves say: "Hey guys but why don't you organize me a nice all-inclusive holiday?" We are always a little surprised by this request: it is nice to receive so much trust. But those who know us well know that we love to focus on itineraries , selecting and mixing tailor-made activities for each traveler in Sardinia . Therefore, the more logistical aspects, such as flying to Sardinia, or reaching the island by ferry, are not really part of our offer. But since we receive a lot of questions, we decided to make an article to collect the tips to know before buying a flight to our island.


For many, going to Sardinia means embarking on a very expensive journey, perhaps among the most expensive that can be done in Italy. We are well aware that this is not the case, and we can also prove it.

Arriving in Sardinia by ferry

For example, if you want to reach Sardinia by ferry, then you will have to consider a minimum cost of € 100 per person between the round trip. And if you want to add a double cabin and the boarding of a car, the rates can even exceed € 300 per person.

Arriving in Sardinia by plane

Choosing a flight to Sardinia is a much cheaper alternative, even in high season. It is possible to keep transport costs within the threshold of 15% of the entire travel budget, and even grab flights in the highest season at bargain prices, with some foresight.


Sardinia has 3 civil airports - all with national and international connections through more than 15 airlines, between low cost and traditional.

Cagliari Elmas airport is the gateway to the southern part of the island. From here you can easily visit: Oristano, Villasimius, Porto Corallo, Buggerru, Carloforte. Olbia Costa Smeralda airport allows you to easily reach the north-eastern area of the island. The short distance destinations are first of all the seaside ones, but not only: San Teodoro, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Arzachena, Budoni, Golfo Aranci, Palau, La Maddalena. Alghero Fertilia airport connects the north-western areas of Sardinia, and is also convenient for getting inland. For example, you can visit: Sassari, Oristano, Porto Torres, Tresnuraghes, Castelsardo, Stintino, S'Archittu.


Currently, there are numerous airlines that fly to the airports of Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia. Let's try to list them, knowing that things could change in the future. The carriers that connect Italy to Sardinia are:

While the airlines with European connections are:

Unfortunately, there is no Italian company on the list: Alitalia is no longer operational, and the new carrier ITA has not won the tender for the 3 Sardinian airports ... So at least until summer 2022 it will be necessary to fly to Sardinia with other airlines . And it's not that bad, let's see why:

Take a 2 minute break and imagine your holiday in Sardinia .....

.... we can make it a reality!


It so happens that now there are only low cost carriers that connect the main airports of the boot with Sardinia. So this is a particularly good time to visit the island. Let's see what the Skyscanner price comparison stats say. We have created a table to find the best travel solution for Sardinia! Below you can see the months of the year with the best rates, the arrival and departure airports.

Looking at this table it is not difficult to set creativity in motion and… imagine yourself happily in Sardinia, not only in the height of summer but also in the low season. You have to believe it, there are real pearls to discover in the less popular months of the year.


Even if the context is particularly favorable, organizing a trip should never be taken lightly. That's why we would like to recommend some tips to remember (and put into action!) When planning your holiday in Sardinia.

1- When to book in high and low season

If you intend to travel in the summer months, particularly between July, August and early September, then the best time to purchase airline tickets is between 8 and 6 weeks before the departure date. If you are planning to go to Sardinia out of season, it is much cheaper to book 3 or 4 weeks before departure, but no less than 14 days before. Obviously, this does not apply to the unbeatable last minute offers, which sometimes I can come up as a surprise.

2- Use price comparators

Earlier we mentioned a well-known price comparison site for flights and hotels. But there are online price comparators for all other related services. In short, they are very useful for having a complete overview and saving money. Returning to the example of parking, if you are looking for a parking space at Pisa Airport you can look on the Vologio comparator, instead of booking an official parking directly

3- Airport services, which ones are used and which are not

At the airport, people often end up spending more than expected, including stops in duty-free shops, baggage packing, snacks and meals in the refreshment areas, and parking stops. Reducing expenses is not that difficult. For example, you can replace the official car park with a car park just outside the airport with much cheaper prices.


As promised, on this page we have dedicated ourselves purely to the logistical and organizational aspects that will come in handy when you want to organize your trip to Sardinia. But, partly due to professional deformation, and partly from experience, we cannot help but think about the itinerary. What are your plans?

Do you want a holiday made up of breathtaking beaches and coves , or do you prefer a family-friendly itinerary? Are you planning to stay for a weekend, a week, two weeks…? Who are you traveling with? And at what time of the year? In our opinion, logistical questions necessarily come after choosing at least the month and the theme of the holiday. For sure, with Sardinia you will not be short of ideas. And if you are looking for targeted advice for your travel style, you can find us here.

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