As we all know, the beaches on our island are many, both in the north and in the south. This small ranking includes some of the beaches of North West Sardinia , many are easily accessible by car and have a nearby parking, in other cases you have to make a short walk. In case you are oriented to visit remote beaches with white sand , crystal clear sea I suggest you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, it will be a pleasure to help you to admire the beauties of a hidden Sardinia , sometimes even to us Sardinians.

A beach can have a type of conformation, it can be more or less exposed to the winds, it can be suitable for families or not. All these factors are fundamental for the choice of a beach, for this reason our task and our work is based precisely on this: to recommend the best based on the type of traveler and his tastes / needs. In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small ranking of beaches in North West Sardinia hoping that they can be of help in choosing one beach rather than another. For everything else, we are there

North West Sardinia Beaches

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Top 5 most beautiful beaches in North West Sardinia

This beautiful beach is located along the coast from Alghero to Fertilia . In my opinion it represents one of the most beautiful city beaches in Sardinia and in optimal weather conditions it represents a real paradise. To admire the color of the crystalline water, the fine white sand and all in a coastal outline, but not only, behind the beautiful dunes with Mediterranean scrub.


Half-moon shape, about 200 meters long and with a medium-sized beach. This beach , like other small coves in the area, is incredibly beautiful and with little traffic (compared to its cousins in Alghero). It is known, like the whole Argentiera and Porto Ferro area, for surfing when the mistral blows strong. Take a look at the weather and if you want flat calm avoid a day of sea and mistral, it is the TOP.


One of the symbolic beaches of the Alghero and Capo Caccia area. Surely beautiful and with the possibility of doing various activities in the area including kayaking, SUP, diving in Capo Caccia or relaxing quietly in the white sand and being kissed by the sun. A beautiful area easily reachable by car and suitable for everyone, both families with children and single travelers. It is certainly a MUST of the area. It deserves the third place of the most beautiful beaches in North West Sardinia.


A pearl of the northern part of Sardinia . It is located in Costa Paradiso and to get to this splendid beach it is necessary to park the car in a large area and take a journey of about 15 minutes, it is wonderful to see the type of rock that changes flanked by a sea of a thousand shades. The beach itself is quite particular, which is why I have included it in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in northwestern Sardinia. The sea goes from emerald green to blue, passing through light blue, the sand is very clear, the multicolored outcropping rocks, a panoramic access path follows a river that makes its way between pink rocks and reaches the sea, wild nature, a very suggestive place.


What can I say, I think one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia but not only, also included among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Let's start with the outline, namely the Junipers of the Mediterranean scrub that remind everyone that we are in Sardinia through their nature and their scent. I say this because looking at the beach and the sea the mind can take you very far, like the Caribbean , or the Maldives . The sand is white, the conformation is nothing short of spectacular and the seabed is low, for many meters giving prominence to the turquoise water initially which gradually changes color become increasingly dark. The shades are infinite, all this defines this beach as really one of the most beautiful in Europe, for us, the most beautiful in the North West area.

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