Lights, scents and colors surround the streets of the villages in our modern homeland, but decades ago technology was not as advanced as it is today. Christmas in Sardinia has always and everywhere been an extraordinary time of family reunion, laughter, discussion, and important announcements. But how was Christmas spent in Sardinia years ago?

Albero di Natale e caminetto | Natale in Sardegna

Christmas in Sardinia, what a magnificent celebration


In Sardinia, a few days before Christmas the shepherds would return home after their long transhumance, waiting for them were their wives and children, now grown too fast without their father's presence. Beyond this, the return and presence of the father of the family constituted the most important moment, both familial and for the entire country (since agro-pastoral work was the most common). The 24th was the night of the eve, the "Nott'e xena," and the family gathered around the warmth emanating from the fire in the fireplace, while before their eyes burned a large log that was lit on the very day of the eve and extinguished on the day of the epiphany. The goal was to warm the baby Jesus, and according to legend, the family's meticulousness in caring for the stump would bring good luck in the following year. The eve of Christmas Day in Sardinia was also the time of tales and legends that the elders used to tell the younger ones, with the enjoyment of typical products for a wonderful dinner that then over the years took on a value even equivalent to that of Christmas lunch.

December 24 was also the day of the Christmas Eve Mass, also known as "sa miss'è pudda," surely the most anticipated event of the day. Everyone gathered in the church, and imagine the chaos that formed as this large crowd gathered in one spot. According to legend, pregnant women who chose not to attend the religious service were in serious danger of giving birth to a monstrous creature: in fact, there are tales of "monster" babies becoming black birds. Among the best-known creatures associated with the Christmas tradition is Maria Puntaborru. Think that in case any food was left on the table, Mary would punish the diners by stabbing them in the stomach with a skewer. Mamma mia how scary this Christmas Eve in Sardinia.


The table for the Christmas feast in Sardinia has only one watchword: abundance and tradition, which is why December 25 represents the real Christmas day with gift exchanges and a mega lunch together with loved ones. Each area of Sardinia has its own typical dishes, but in general lamb or roast suckling pig is never lacking anywhere, as is a first course to choose from classic malloreddus perhaps with sausage sauce and ricotta ravioli. At the end of the meal, in addition to classic panettone and pandoro, there is no shortage of tiriche (sas triccas) and pardulas (casadinas), typical sweets present at every holiday. The wine accompanies the meal, and is strictly from the area such as a local Cannonau, Cagnulari and Monica di Sardegna. Another star is the fresh bread baked exclusively for the occasion-what goodness. What accompanies coffee? The popular and unique myrtle of Sardinia, which can be red or white, do you know the difference? Find out by checking out this article.

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