Orosei not only represents a beautiful village in Sardinia but gives its name to one of the most famous and popular gulfs of the island and of the whole Mediterranean Sea. The Gulf of Orosei , with its splendid coves and crystal clear sea, with cliffs of tens of meters, with spectacular coastal and inland trekking. Not only that, with the various oases and protected areas and with the incredible history and tradition of the Nuorese area, he is the undisputed King of Sardinia. Apart from the gulf, however, what to see and do in Orosei? A question that many ask themselves and that we will answer through this article, based like all the articles on this site, on our personal experiences.

What to see in Orosei



In Orosei it will be pleasant to simply walk through the narrow and picturesque streets of the historic center , perhaps entering to visit museums, towers and graceful Romanesque churches. For example, one of the most beautiful churches in the country is Sant'Antonio Abate . The structure is built with volcanic stone and rests on a Romanesque structure, the interior walls have ancient frescoes with scenes from the life of Jesus and some saints. In the surroundings take a look at the Pisana tower and the Cumbessias or Muristenes , ancient typical houses of Sardinia and built for pilgrims and noverants, they are very suggestive. Other churches to consider are there Church of San Gavino, San Giacomo Maggiore and the church of the Souls. Don't forget to go and see the Tower Prison, an incredible testimony to the history of Orosei was built in the 14th century to defend the activities that took place in the port located at the mouth of the Cedrino River.


I am sorry to say it but the beaches of Orosei and the gulf certainly have a more irresistible charm than the museums, churches and historical sites of the area. We are talking about some pearls of the Mediterranean Sea, beaches that have appeared in the best world magazines and considered paradise destinations. Starting from the northern area of Orosei, the first beach to take note is Cala ginepro in the Cala Liberotto area, a beach immersed in clear blue waters and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and junipers. Another bay to visit absolutely is the beautiful Cala Fuile 'e Mare , a splendid area with rocks that vary in color from the pink of the granite to the dark color of the basalt, join the turquoise crystalline sea and that's it.

Near marina di Orosei there are several beaches to see, for example where the Cedrino river flows into the Osala beach . The sand is light pink, the green outline of the pine forest is assured and clearly, the blue of the sea of the Gulf of Orosei. However, it will be important to take a boat trip to visit the most renowned and famous beaches of the gulf, mentioning some Cala Luna , an inlet carved between the cliffs with a spectacular strip of white sand in the center. Cala Goloritze follows where the mountain, the sea and the beach meet in one point, just look at a few photos to admire the beauty of this "postcard". Let's not forget Cala Mariolu, another Mediterranean gem to add to the list. The beaches are many, they are all beautiful and all offer extraordinary and typical emotions of a dream vacation.

These beaches just mentioned are not the only ones, on the contrary, they are the most popular. Below you will see a sequence of remote beaches that can be easily reached both by car and by boat and which are located in the immediate vicinity of Orosei. Don't forget us travel planner we absolutely encourage the discovery of remote and off the beaten track areas, but not only that, we also recommend choosing a beach based on the weather condition (may or may not be exposed to winds), based on kind of travellers (perhaps if you are a family I would prefer to recommend a beach with services rather than a remote one that can be reached after 50 minutes of trekking) and at your needs and passions. Choosing our service will be fundamental, before and during your vacation. Enjoy the show.

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Here there is something to indulge in. I think that a holiday in Orosei and its surroundings will give you only space to think about its splendid beaches, reaching them through spectacular and enviable coastal treks. Its crystal-clear polychromatic sea will make you dive into its transparency on a boat or dinghy excursion. Other exciting activities include kayaking and canoeing at theBiderosa oasis. Fun in this area is guaranteed and for this reason we have created, also in this case, special articles that concern not only what to see but what activities to do outdoors throughout the bay. For me, personally, it is the best area for any type of activity that may involve trekking , hiking , climbing but also canoying , kayaking on the cedrino river not to mention the variety of boat trips at sea. The area is crazy and for us it is a MUST for those wishing to choose the eastern part for their holiday in Sardinia.


Orosei and the entire surrounding coastal and inland area are characterized by the incredible variety of  Archaeological sites  and for the numerous historical artifacts which among other things have come down to the present day in perfect condition. One of the earliest excavations that took place in this area is that of Doro Levi at the village of Serra Orrios. This is a spectacular nuragic complex that to date exhibits over 200 huts and is one of the largest in Sardinia, think it is estimated to have housed about a thousand people. In addition to this village, in the whole area there are about 200 sites of the nuragic age including nuraghi , domus de janas , dolmens . One site in particular is of absolute importance is the nuraghe Mannu , the function of this large and imposing structure is presumed to have been that of a "lookout tower".

Another important factor to take note of are the incredible discoveries made in the depths of the Gulf of Orosei by the carabinieri of the Nuoro provincial command. During these control activities, for offenses to the detriment of the coastal landscape heritage, were accidentally found about 50 coins in both gold and silver which have been deemed to be of exceptional historical and scientific value, while the underwater archaeological site has been listed by the Superintendency for more effective protection.


What to see in Orosei but between one site and another, what do we eat? I would say spoiled for choice. There are many typical dishes of Orosei and the gulf and firmly maintain an agro-pastoral imprint. Among all the dishes, the pane frattau must be tried, the appearance looks like that of a lasagna, it is obtained by dipping some  carasau bread  in hot water, spreading it with fresh tomato sauce and seasoning with pecorino cheese and placing a poached egg in the center. Other typical dishes of the Sardinian tradition and made in an excellent way in this area are certainly the Sardinian malloreddus with tomato sauce, the culurgiones and the Macarrones furriaos , typical food of the shepherds, consisting of durum wheat and water seasoned with stringy sheep's cheese.

Among the second courses, in addition to the Sardinian pork to taste, are Sas casadinas , a savory pie stuffed with fresh cheese and mint, Sas Entredda , nothing but the stomach of the sheep with pecorino dressing, Carasau bread and pulley mint. We recommend trying these typical dishes with an excellent cannonau since the whole Gulf of Orosei and especially the hinterland is the land of the most popular grape in Sardinia.


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