In my opinion, in one of the most beautiful areas of the island, on the rugged, wild and unspoiled west coast, there is the most beautiful village in Sardinia. Bosa is an incredible jewel, located halfway between Oristano and Alghero, with its Temo River, its "pastel" colored houses, and the imposing Malaspina castle on a rocky hill is definitely one of the must-see towns. Those looking for tranquility, even in the height of the summer season, will find it here. It is certainly a less touristy area than its cousin Alghero which is used as the main hub for holidays. To consider the proximity to the coast and the presence of real hidden gems , there are also archaeological sites of considerable importance in the surroundings and the activities to do outdoors are many.

What to see in Bosa



We are at home in Bosa since my dad was born here and we have come numerous times, which is why my love for this beautiful village is infinite. The first thing I recommend to do in Bosa is a walk to Sa Costa , the medieval village within the village of Bosa, represents the true soul of this city, an ancient and authentic site. It will be pleasant to walk through the old streets made of stone and pebbles that follow the path of ups and downs of the hill. The houses are one of the characteristics of Sa Costa with their colorful colors and their vertical structure despite being quite elementary in the construction in trachyte. Around Bosa it is impossible not to pass and see the former cathedral of the diocese of Bosa, the church of San Pietro , a splendid example of Romanesque architecture and one of the most interesting in the Sardinian landscape. Another church to take note is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and do not forget to take a walk along the river, between one fishing boat and another, between a coffee and an aperitif, during the sunset you will admire the reflection of the splendid houses on the river. In Bosa the carnival is also famous, absolutely to be experienced with shows, entertainment and stalls of typical products.


The beaches, what travelers look for most in Sardinia, are also present in this portion of the coast. S'Abba Druche beach is definitely worth seeing in and around Bosa, certainly the most popular area with the greatest number of services, ideal for families with children. South of Bosa to note Porto Alabe , an expanse of compact sand with medium-large grains, of various colors and which plunges into the turquoise water. The city beach is Bosa Marina and certainly worth a visit for maybe a couple of hours, on the coast of Bosa Marina take notes in the beautiful natural pools, ideal in perfect climatic conditions, therefore without wind or storms.

These beaches just mentioned are not the only ones, on the contrary, they are the most popular. Below you will see a sequence of remote beaches that can be reached by car or by trekking and which are located in the immediate vicinity of Bosa. Don't forget us travel planner we absolutely encourage the discovery of remote and off the beaten track areas, but not only that, we also recommend choosing a beach based on the weather condition (may or may not be exposed to winds), based on kind of travellers (perhaps if you are a family I would prefer to recommend a beach with services rather than a remote one that can be reached after 50 minutes of trekking) and at your needs and passions. Choosing our service will be fundamental, before and during your vacation. Enjoy the show.

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Spoiled for choice, from SUP excursions on the river to coastal trekking . I would certainly recommend an excursion on the Temo river to be done by boat , with a local boat or on a SUP to admire the beautiful houses and the panorama of Bosa from the center of the river. To do, as well as see, in Bosa there is certainly the coastal path at any point that goes from the village to Alghero, along the spectacular and popular coast road. From Bosa marina there are also excursions by boat or raft that take travelers to hidden coves, incredibly beautiful coastal areas with the possibility of diving or simply snorkeling . SUP not only in the river, but also on the coast as you admire the sun going down the coast towards Alghero, in one of the best spots in Sardinia to watch the sunset. All activities related to the wind are also appreciated in this area, we are always on the west coast and therefore you know, the mistral is the absolute ruler of Sardinia and this coast.


The first of all and the one who dominates the panorama of Bosa with a crazy view is certainly the Castello di Serravalle also known as Castello di Malaspina, a must in Bosa. Built around 1100 by the Malaspina family, kept intact over the centuries despite the succession of domains. Imagine the life of Bosa as it must have been in that period, within a wall that protected the city. Now of the Castle remain the walls, towers and the splendid church of Nostra Signora de Sos Regnos which is internally decorated with Spanish frescoes depicting the lives of the saints. A visit with a guide will be of incredible interest not only to discover the history of the site and of Bosa, but also something concerning the curiosities, legends and mysteries that surround the castle. An archaeological site to see in the vicinity of Bosa is the nuragic complex of Suni, Nuraghe Nuraddeo , one of the best preserved nuraghi in  Sardinia. It is made up of three side towers over the central keep. Think what recent excavations have put  in light of the fragments cork arranged along the inner walls of the nuraghe. This if confirmed  would confirm  that  the nuragics used the  cork like  thermal insulator  not only in the huts, but also in the nuraghi.

The filet is a lace of great value , the processing of which is of ancient Bosana custom. The net was first invented for fishermen, the women then exploited the same stitch to make a lace by embroidering the net on the loom. The filet of Bosa , with the delicacy of its most refined designs, recalls origins linked to the gynoeciums of the first monasteries. But also to the women's rooms of the castle, to the harems of the Saracen courts. Peacocks and doves, vine shoots and bunches of grapes come from the religious symbolism of the Byzantine monks. The goldsmiths of Bosa “sos mastros de oro” are also known with the title of “filigree spiders, for their treatment of the gold and silver threads with the skill of the acrobat insect”.


Food and wine is certainly one of the most interesting aspects of Bosa, so besides what to see we also list some typical dishes. At the level of appetizers we recommend S'Azada , made with dogfish or breed. Like Alghero, also in Bosa the lobster is the queen of the table, tasted with spaghetti but also as a second to the bosana. Also try the lobster soup , launched in the 1960s by a local restaurateur and which has become a typical local dish of international importance. Among the dishes of land are excellent Cicciones cun regottu, a short semolina pasta topped with local ricotta cheese and the Panadas de Pianalza. This dish is a mix of meats, peas, olives, bacon and eggs mixed with various aromas, wrapped in a semolina and lard pasta and cooked in the oven. Malvasia di Bosa is certainly the best known wine of the area which has obtained numerous international awards, not only to be seen, but also to be tasted.


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