I am honest with you, this coast is my favorite because it contains everything a traveler who comes to our island needs. The beaches of west Sardinia are still wild , some hidden and difficult to reach and unlike the other part of the island it is less traveled and therefore there are more remote areas. There are paradisiacal coves, expanses of sand with grains of quartz , a perennial Mediterranean scrub and a coast made of cliffs of tens of meters. A perfect area to do by van, on the road. In case you are oriented to visit remote beaches with white sand , crystal clear sea Isuggest you fill out the format the bottom of the page, it will be a pleasure to help you to admire the beauties of a hidden Sardinia , sometimes even to us Sardinians.

A beach can have a type of conformation, it can be more or less exposed to the winds, it can be suitable for families or not. All these factors are fundamental for the choice of a coastal area, for this reason our task and our work is based precisely on this: to advise the best based on the type of traveler and his tastes / needs. In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small ranking of the beaches of West Sardinia hoping that they can be of help in choosing one beach rather than another. For everything else, we are there

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West Sardinia Beaches


Top 5 most beautiful beaches in West Sardinia

I could easily place this splendid cove in first place but I don't do it since it alternates years with sand and years with only rock (erosion and storms take away the whole beach). At sea level nothing to say, indeed for many considered the most beautiful sea on the coast with a crystalline blue and a visibility of tens of meters. Flora and fauna present everywhere. Go to Cala Cumpultitu, stop there and take a dip in the clearest water on the coast.


We are in the cabras area and this little gem is a pristine beach that was once used by lobster fishermen as a docking point, which is why it still maintains a small pier. White sand, sea with water between emerald green and blue. Totally devoid of any type of service, it is a pearl of the west coast and scarcely crowded even during the months of tourism.


Personally I consider them beautiful for a multitude of reasons including size, landscape, color of the sand, Mediterranean scrub in the area. These amazing "sandy mountains" are characteristic of the whole area, but in this particular stretch of western Sardinia there have been some unique phenomena that have created a real Saharan environment. The work originated thanks to the arduous work of the Mistral which, with its incessant action, pushed the accumulated sand inwards, forming enchanting hills.


At the limit between the central west and south west area, Cala Domestica is characterized by a beach that extends for several meters inland. With sand in colors between white, amber and golden, very soft and compact, with the presence of some bushes , small shrubs , and the inevitable Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the perimeter of this beautiful expanse of sand. It overlooks one of the most beautiful sea on the coast and in all of Sardinia, with rather deep waters, but not on the shore, with colors between turquoise and blue. The grandeur of the high cliffs at the two edges of the beach make the place charming and special. The seabed is sandy, with the presence of some rocks offshore and near the cliffs.


But why is this beach so famous? Several hundreds of meters of turquoise sea and rounded grains of very fine quartz , similar to grains of rice, declined in a suggestive escalation of colors, from green to white, passing through the very delicate pink. It is a perfect beach for those who love to relax in a dream nature: you will reach it passing through some villages . In this huge expanse of beach, it takes very little: a camera and a diving mask. The second, to be used immediately, the first instead, from the quartz sea, from the landscape to the breathtaking sunset.

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