Unlike the other areas, especially on the east coast of the island , this portion of the coast contains fewer coves but more kilometric stretches of sand. Despite this, the beaches of South East Sardinia are numerous and all very beautiful with devastating landscape contours. In case you are oriented to visit remote beaches with white sand and crystal clear water I suggest you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, it will be a pleasure to help you to admire the beauties of a hidden Sardinia , sometimes even to us Sardinians.

A beach can have a type of conformation, it can be more or less exposed to the winds, it can be suitable for families or not. All these factors are fundamental for the choice of a coastal area , for this reason our task and our work is based precisely on this: to recommend the best based on the type of traveler and his tastes / needs. In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small ranking of the beaches of South East Sardinia hoping that they can be of help in choosing one beach rather than another. For everything else, we are there

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South East Sardinia beaches


Top 5 most beautiful beaches in South East Sardinia

Probably with this beach we have understood that one of the colors of Sardinia is pink . A fantastic color, given by the granite that draws portions of the coast of unparalleled beauty. I'm talking about numerous beaches, one of which is Cala Pira . It certainly represents an essential destination if you are in that area of Sardinia.


It is easy to access, a beach reachable by anyone that contains an extraordinary beauty. This too is a respectable MUST. The stretch of sand is about 2 km long and is characterized by fine white sand , it is also bordered in the south by a large promontory and in the north the expanse of sand constantly changes color. The sea, of simple contact with its very low and sandy bottom, suitable for children. An emerald green color that blends, based on the sunlight, with a beautiful turquoise. Behind there is also a very small pine forest.


A beautiful beach, indeed a pearl of the south east of Sardinia . Porto Sa Ruxi is genuine, wild, fascinating and has all the characteristics to be shared by single travelers, couples and families with children, in fact it represents a real paradise for the little ones. The majestic cliffs divide the coast into small coves and the beach is also sheltered from most of the winds that blow in Sardinia, especially the mistral.


A magic. This place is nothing short of fantastic in every aspect and you really understand how beautiful and unique nature can be at the same time. Here too, a postcard beach located in the territory of the Capo Carbonara marine area. Easy to reach but above all it is magnificent to take the panoramic road to Castiadas which is nothing more than a taste of the natural spectacle that will present itself before your eyes. The beach has an arch shape, is divided into two coves and bordered to the north by a promontory and to the east by a mass of cavic rocks. The white sand together with the blue of the sea make up a unique picture of rare beauty.


A devastating beauty. The tower, the expanse of sand, the small cove at the foot of the tower all the landscape context. He deserves our first place hands down, in absolute tranquility. The beach is made up of very fine sand , white but also with pink shades. A difference in color given by the erosion, over the millennia, of the granite rocks that can be admired in the water. We are talking about the sea, with a crystalline color and swimming even a few meters deep gives the feeling of being in an aquarium. It is the top, and deserves a great and careful visit to this beach in south east Sardinia.

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