We have already pointed out in a recent post how eager we are to learn about our future in travel. In the meantime we are dreaming and planning. In this period of quarantine we have decided to create our own particular column: “Sardegna Vera”. In this section we will make itineraries that can cover natural, landscape, marine paths, but also paths that enhance our tradition, culture and history. These are little-known itineraries or perhaps you know each other but you have never had the time, nor the way and in some cases not even the desire to be able to observe them, photograph them, live them. Today, a beautiful Sardinia itinerary to Omodeo and the Losa nuraghe.

Let's make a clarification. All or almost all of the routes we offer are also suitable for families with children as they are very simple itineraries and within everyone's reach. What do we propose in this post? A beautiful itinerary in the center of Sardinia and more precisely near Ghilarza. First we will go to explore the man-made lake that was once the largest in Europe, Lake Omodeo. Second stop in one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia, the Losa di Abbasanta nuraghe . Do we want to start?

Itinerary in Sardinia on Lake Omodeo and Nuraghe Losa


History, nature, charm is just something about what for a long time was the largest reservoir in Europe. It extends for about 30 km and is part of 11 municipalities in the province of Oristano. There is a long history of the lake that starts from 1924, the year in which the historic dam of Santa Chiara was built. The Omodeo is part of the community sites of landscape and environmental interest. In fact, the history of a magical place is accompanied by naturalistic beauty. The lake is surrounded by basalt plateaus, rugged mountains and enveloping vegetation: holm oaks and Mediterranean scrub, as well as downy oaks , willows, poplars and elms. The valley covered with water holds an archaeological treasure: nuragic settlements and the pre-nuragic one of Serra Linta  they are underwater together with a fossil tropical forest, about 20 million years old, and the charming village of  Zuri. Recently, the villa of the central head office has completely re-emerged and has become a tourist destination. Are you enjoying this itinerary in Sardinia in Omodeo?

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Exploring the waters by canoe or kayak and the shores on trekking or relaxing walks, you will observe the flight of peregrine falcon and jay, various species of ducks and herons, turtles and tortoises. We took a nice boat trip starting from the nearby village Sorradile , which is part of the authentic villages of Italy  and acts as a 'hinge' between the plains and the mountains in the valley of  Tirso.

Just a few kilometers from Sorradile to reach the unmistakable shape of the Losa nuraghe which stands on the basaltic plateau of  Abbasanta. The nuraghe is one of the most famous, well preserved and representative megalithic testimonies of the nuragic civilization immersed in the green of Sardinia. The complex, entirely built with large basalt blocks, consists of a three-lobed nuraghe, dating from the 15th-14th centuries B.C., an ante-mural and remains of a village of circular huts, made between the XIII-IX BC. Of the vast settlement around it, covering three and a half acres, only a small part has been excavated. In various points you can see the remains of Nuragic dwellings and, above all, houses from the late Punic, Roman republican and imperial, late Roman and Byzantine periods. Immerse yourself in the history of Sardinia.
With this post we would like not only to promote one of the many enchanting places in Sardinia but also to launch various messages. Let's explore what surrounds us now that we are "forced" into the post covid, after all nature deserves it. This is a physical activity for everyone. Walks in the midst of nature, where the air is clean, have a positive effect on the whole organism, with benefits for body and mind.

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