We decided to create our particular “Sardegna Vera” column to stimulate the Sardinian people and not only to discover and explore some areas of Sardinia. In this section we will make itineraries that can cover natural, landscape, marine paths, but also those that enhance our tradition, culture and history. These are paths that are not too beaten or areas that are known to each other but have never had the time, the way and in some cases the desire to be able to observe them, photograph them, live them. We emphasize that all the itineraries in this section have been traveled by us before, now, more than ever, let's focus on what we have near our city and / or within our region. Our itinerary in Sardinia in Nebida and Masua.

Let's make a clarification. All or almost all of the itineraries we propose are also suitable for families with children as they are simple routes and within everyone's reach. What do we propose in this post? A nice panoramic tour in the Nebida / Masua mining area between walks and excursions by rubber dinghy. Take a look also at the breathtaking sunset that we found in this fantastic itinerary in Sardinia in Masua and Nebida.

Sardinia Nebida and Masua itinerary

Assuming we started from Iglesias we went down to the sea until we reached Nebida . Here a panoramic walk on foot was a must, and at that moment I remember being stunned by the splendid view from that vantage point. The Rock the Dead, rock of Portu Nebida, the two stacks S'Agusteri and finally in the distance the famous Sugar Loaf, which at 133 meters high is the highest rock in Europe. A little further on is the Laveria La Marmora, also called the "coliseum" of Sardinian mining archaeology. Built in 1897, it dealt with lead and zinc and consists of four overlapping volumes sloping down towards the coast, crossed by arches with two ovens and two chimneys on the sides. Internally there were mineral separation and classification plants, a steam engine and furnace room. A beautiful itinerary in Sardinia in Masua and Nebida.

This majestic structure, with its arches and columns overlooking the sea, has all the air of an ancient monument. Just think that it is now a Unesco world heritage site . Go all the way down, admire the show, relax and dwell on the fact that years ago that place was the symbol of the golden age of Sardinian mining. This small tour we created in Nebida wants to underline the fact that this area of Sardinia represents a real gem from a geological, historical and landscape point of view. Our memory of Nebida, even if for a few hours it was wonderfully beautiful and we suggest you all to pay a visit, you will be thrilled.

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Our day did not end on the contrary, we headed to Masua and more precisely in the area of the beach of Portu Cauli . We had a double luck: First it was a fantastic day with crazy sun and practically 0 knots of wind. Secondly, we met a very kind girl from the Warung Beach Club who offered us an excursion on a rubber dinghy of about an hour to do in the afternoon. We accepted and it was great. What have we seen? Porto Flavia, the semi-submerged cave of the soffione, the elephant rock, the canalgrande, the majestic sugar loaf and clearly a fantastic stop at the Sardinia cave for a dip in the crystal clear water. See these photos to believe.

After the excursion we relaxed on the beach and admired the sunset behind the majestic Sugar Loaf, between one Ichnusa and another, with a single thought that said: we are really lucky to be Sardinian and live in this fantastic land, the Sardinia.
sardinia nebida masua sunset itinerary

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