These posts created by us are itineraries that concern natural, scenic, marine paths, but also paths that enhance our tradition, culture and history. In case of interest in this excursion we will put you in contact with an expert guide (if necessary) who will organize an excursion in Sardinia , in this case Cala Dragunara and Inferno.

Let's make a clarification. All or almost all of the routes we offer are also suitable for families with children as they are very simple itineraries and within everyone's reach. What do we propose in this post? Two routes in the north of Sardinia, exactly near Alghero. A land trail and a snorkeling trail. (Sardinia dragunara itinerary)

Itinerary in Sardinia to Cala Dragunara and Inferno


We are in the Capo Caccia area, near Alghero. The walking route starts from the last bend on the paved road before the straight line of the belvedere and proceeds in a north-north-west direction to the south side of Cala Inferno. It is a small path of about 600 meters that is very simple for several reasons. There are erect "stone men" that indicate the way, the vegetation is low and therefore does not allow you to lose sight of the path. Secondly, just keep the overhang to your left to get to the viewpoint of the cove. (Sardinia dragunara itinerary)

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The show in front of you will be incredible, a hidden gem , a small cove bordered by the cliffs. The sea is fantastic with crystal clear water. We stopped here, with the wonderful view of this cove, to reach it by land you need to have a minimum of mountaineering experience, many reach it by sea and the show is guaranteed, even from a marine point of view.


Let's move on to the second itinerary. After the small path to get to Cala Inferno (it could take you all morning) our suggestion is a nice packed lunch. An afternoon dedicated to another itinerary in Sardinia, in Cala Dragunara . From the Belvedere it is enough to drive a few hundred meters by car to reach another fantastic Cala di Capo Caccia. Another spectacle of nature, in this case, however, we recommend a snorkeling route. Evaluate the weather and sea conditions well before snorkeling and initially it is always better to stay close to the coast.

What will you encounter along this small path? Initially the oceanic posidonia with numerous fish species that swim inside it like white bream and damsels. Following the path you come across a small cove with a sandy bottom , it is also possible to see sea bream, murmurs, but not only sea bass, starfish, limestone algae and false coral. This video gives you a good idea. With this post we would like not only to promote one of the many enchanting places in Sardinia but also to launch various messages. Let's explore what surrounds us now that we are "forced" into the post covid, after all nature deserves it. This is a physical activity for everyone. Walks on paths in the middle of nature, where the air is clean, have a positive effect on the whole organism, with benefits for body and mind.


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