Our goal is always to discover new sites / places concerning natural, landscape, marine paths, but also paths that enhance our tradition, culture, history and gastronomy. Our personal adventures around Sardinia that we describe in these pages are available to everyone, it is precious material from which to take inspiration. This is an excursion in Sardinia that you can do independently but in case of interest we can contact you, an expert guide will be at your disposal in the magnificent itinerary in Cala della Tartaruga and Baia Bua.

Let's make a clarification. All or almost all of the routes we offer are also suitable for families with children as they are very simple itineraries and within everyone's reach. What do we propose in this post? Two routes in the north east of Sardinia , exactly near San Teodoro. A coastal path with coves and a snorkeling trail. (Sardinia turtle itinerary)

Sardinia Cala Tartaruga Baia Bua itinerary


The first starts from Cala Girgolu easily accessible by car, there is also a large paid parking. The beach itself does not say anything special except the fantastic view of the Tavolara Island, but the wonderful part is further ahead and to be able to visit the coves you have to continue, on foot and for about 5 minutes, inside the Cala village. Girgolu and taking the second access on the left side, which is located within the village itself. The road continues in a fantastic naturalistic path . We access the first beach  and we begin to skirt, to the right, on a path of rocks and Mediterranean scrub for about 20 minutes of walking, clearly I exclude the time it takes to admire and photograph this breathtaking landscape. The route will take your breath away, you can admire many hidden coves, carved rocks and vegetation that partly shades the path, it is a spectacular journey. (Sardinia turtle itinerary)

At the end of this walk, the first stop is the Cala della Tartaruga , which for years has been possible to see without the "Head". In August 1993 she was beheaded for vandalism, restored in 1996 she was, for the second time and in 1997, beheaded and smeared. A sad chapter of human ignorance that saw the destruction of a natural sculpture that at the time was immortalized in magazines all over the world.

Continuing the itinerary and immediately after the cove of the turtle you arrive at the beach of the cows , wonderful, usually with few people and a crystalline sea perfect for dedicating one or more relaxing baths. You can also decide to reach these areas by renting a boat or a dinghy but our advice is to follow this path, see the coves closely, think about how many natural and magnificent areas exist near us. A journey to discover our island, Sardinia.

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Let's move on to our second itinerary. Did you relax on the beach of the cows? Well, it's time to go and discover something at sea level. From Cala Girgolu continue north, by car, and go to Porto San Paolo (about 8 km from the Cala Girgolu car park). Near the square of Porto San Paolo, reachable from the ground, the small Bua bay alternates environments of granite rock rich in algae and animals with areas of sand and posidonia. In this area it is excellent to venture into a snorkeling precisely because the route is made interesting by the complexity of the perimeter and the different environments. Between the rocks, patches of posidonia appear at times and some castanets hide among the leaves, but also sponges and other invertebrates. In addition to these specimens we can observe various species of bivalves: oysters, mussels and Noah's arks. There are also many gastropods: limpets, columbelle, murici and many others. When you go down to about 6 meters deep you can see the sandy bottom and rich in animals such as turbot, mullet and other fish, while the sea cucumbers stand out for their dark color. A great adventure at the end of a fantastic day. To be sure, take a look at Mr. Mario Munaretto's splendid gallery on Youtube.

With this post we would like not only to promote one of the many enchanting places in Sardinia but also to launch various messages. Let's explore what surrounds us now that we are "forced" into the post covid, after all nature deserves it. This is a physical activity for everyone. Walks in the midst of nature, where the air is clean, have a positive effect on the whole organism, with benefits for body and mind.


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