Our land. The one that perhaps we know better than any other destination but that at the same time nobody knows enough. We receive more and more questions via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail about holidays in Sardinia. What do you recommend North or South? How long does it take to visit a part of Sardinia? An Itinerary in Sardinia in the Eastern part is the strategy to adopt to have clearer ideas about the next destination.

In order to answer your questions, we need to ask you as many questions, for example: which airport will you arrive at? How much time do you have available for the holiday? Are you going to rent a car? Or a camper? We try to better understand your needs and then structure an itinerary, in this case in East Sardinia, suitable for your requests and try to create a dream vacation.

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East Sardinia itinerary

A spectacular area, where the low and sandy coast alternates with gigantic ridges. Ponds, enchanting beaches, discover the most beautiful in Sardinia and take a look at the dedicated section , but also the sublime charm of the mountain. The east coast of Sardinia is pure splendor, to be discovered in every corner, both on the coast and in the hinterland (take a look at the dedicated section)


Take a bath a Cala Liberotto and then visit the pretty little town of  Orosei, located in the fertile plain formed by the mouth of the river  Cedrino. At the center of the Then the Gulf of Orosei rises Cala Gonone  on a steep hill at the foot of the extinct volcano Codula Manna. From here it is possible to leave towards the discovery of numerous splendid coves, such as Cala Fuili, Cala Cartoe and  Cala Luna, a splendid celestial bay dominated by steep rock walls of a lunar gray. You cannot fail to take a boat trip to discover these wonderful coves that are difficult to reach on foot. It is thanks to this that this stretch of coast still offers uncontaminated and wild scenery today.

Suitable for a family? Absolutely, a bit like all of Sardinia. Not just the sea, let's talk about the hinterland. Dorgali is a small village with a very large territory, the heart of the natural park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu.  It is a very popular location for lovers of  trekking, mountain biking, free climbing. A real paradise for hikers  with extraordinary itineraries along rocky paths that suddenly open onto the sea giving breathtaking scenery. And what to say about Baunei , a mountain village behind which one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean opens up. Here canyons like the one in  Gorropu karst valleys, steep limestone walls and Su Sterru, the famous  Golgo chasm, a natural funnel almost 300 meters deep. In the forest, near the Golgo, get ready for intense hours of trekking to reach the splendor of  Cala Goloritzé, a rocky bay with a dazzling turquoise, and other less known coves along the Selvaggio Blu , one of the most challenging and scenic trekking routes in Italy.

Ogliastra , land of centenarians, rich in aromas and flavors,  offers traditional, unique, good and genuine food.  The cuisine on the east coast delivers  unique recipes. It will be a real food and wine journey to discover  dishes, from land and sea, linked to local folklore that are handed down from generation to generation, exported all over the world and above all, enjoyed at the table. From culurgiones to pistoccu, from Sardinian fregola to trattalia, dishes accompanied by some typical cannonau wine such as that of Jerzu . There is only one thing missing, contact us and create together the tailor-made itinerary for your dream vacation.

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