We would like to dedicate this article to things to do with children in Sardinia, putting aside the days at the beach during the summer season and / or the various activities such as amusement park or water park. Sardinia is a fantastic island and is tailor-made even for the little ones, in the last period in fact the island has significantly increased the number of parks and activities suitable for families with children. So let's go and discover the 10 things to do with children in Sardinia.

10 Things to do with children in Sardinia


1) Sardinia in Miniature

At the top of the 10 things to do with children in Sardinia, there is certainly a visit to the Sardinia in miniature park, near Barumini. The Park offers a series of amusing and instructive attractions that illustrate the characteristic aspects of the island, from Miniatures to a beautiful botanical itinerary, also passing through a fascinating journey to discover the universe with the planetarium and the astronomy museum. The last piece that completes this magnificent place suitable for children is the dinosaur park, a small path among the giants that have made history reproduced in natural scale. Well, we guarantee you will have a great day.

2) Su Nuraxi di Barumini

A few km away from the Sardegna in Miniatura park we find one of the most fascinating places that have marked the history in Sardinia. It is the emblem of Sardinia and only this can make a visit worthwhile also to let the little ones know part of the magnificent history. The nuragic village is a human settlement dating back to 3500 years ago, in the nuragic era, it is a UNESCO heritage site, it is the best preserved site in Sardinia and we are sure that a family visit with children will be pure magic.

3) Little Green Train

The little green train is certainly an unforgettable experience that allows you to discover the real Sardinia, the genuine one, in a few hours. You and your children will be enveloped by the scents of Sardinia, by views of extraordinary landscapes, by real emotions. It represents the largest tourist railway network in Europe on 5 different routes, to find out more visit the official website.

4) Aquarium of Cala Gonone

The Cala Gonone aquarium is an authentic jewel of modern architecture, built on a project by Peter Chermayeff and Sebastiano Gaias overlooking the Gulf of Orosei and is a real paradise both for the animals it hosts and for the almost 60 thousand visitors which welcomes every year, including many children of all ages. This green Aquarium, which uses recycled materials and low energy consumption systems, is in fact also a zoological garden and counts among its guests two animals in difficulty: Ugo, a Caretta caretta turtle, who was blinded following a stranding due to the ingestion of waste and Rosa Fumetta, a specimen of fox victim of a forest fire in the Oristano area. A visit to this aquarium will indicate not only knowledge of marine creatures but also of awareness of environmental problems.
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5) Aymerich Park

Represents the urban park  largest in Sardinia, located in Laconi is considered a real one  natural museum that extends for 22 hectares between paths, woods, streams and waterfalls. Welcome to Parco Aymerich, the perfect place for families who love contact with  nature (like us)  and for those who want to spend a few hours in the cool underneath  exotic and ancient trees. We divide the park into 2 areas, the historic one with the castle dating back to more than 1000 years ago and the large tower, and the one that concerns wild nature. The latter is immersed in the  forest and it is possible to admire the gigantic cedar of the Himalayas, the Pendulo beech, the Collectia cruciata and the Taxus baccata, known as the Tree of Death. But not only that, you will entertain your children with a real walk in the midst of natural beauties such as natural cavities, streams, ponds and waterfalls. We have also created an article about it, take a look.

6) Butterfly House

We are in Olmedo, in the province of Sassari and this structure represents the First Tropical Biosphere of Sardinia. It will be wonderful to let your children, but also adults, discover this magnificent place through an experience with a high educational value. The Biosphere is home to more than 400 butterflies, tropical plants and insects. You will spend a wonderful day surrounded by greenery, but not only. The structure also houses two playgrounds for children, two swimming pools, two bars, a restaurant and a pizzeria. Absolutely recommended for a beautiful and different family day.

7) Park of the Giara

The Giara is a complex of basaltic plateaus of volcanic origin. Here, from the marmilla to the sea in the distance, between the view of the Gennargentu and the Campidano plain, you will enjoy a day entirely in contact with nature. The territory of the Giara is home to a unique species of little horses whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Their wild nature, which makes them unique in Europe, will allow you to observe them closely as they gallop between oaks, holm oaks, olive trees and the green formations of Mediterranean scrub. It will be a beautiful day with your children among breathtaking landscapes and unique animals in Sardinia. Check out the official website for some nice hikes.

8) The Sulcis mines

In our opinion, this is one of the attractions that will touch not only from a landscape point of view but also from an emotional point of view. The Sardinian territory is certainly littered with mining reminiscences, their history began thousands of years ago with the incredible richness of the subsoil from a mining point of view and continued until the birth of Carbonia in the fascist period. We personally got to see some mining sites and the result was incredible, as we said, both for the magnificent landscape that surrounds the structures and also for their history, which touched us emotionally. We mention only some of the mines present in Sulsic-Iglesiente: the large Serbariu di Carobonia mine, Porto Flavia in Masua, but also Naracauli near Piscinas and Gallery Henry in Buggerru. A nice route in the area to spend a fantastic and different day with your children, discovering the coast and the mining history. The link connects you to our article on Masua and Nebida.

9) S'Abba Frisca Museum Park

In our opinion, it represents one of the most beautiful museum parks in Sardinia. It is located near Dorgali, in a spectacular landscape dominated by the limestone ramparts Ruiu and Irveri. Its name originates from the very rich karst spring located inside the park that feeds the fountains, the lake and the suggestive waterfalls surrounded by the majestic white poplars. The internal path is structured in such a way as to admire and discover over 400 species of the Mediterranean scrub among dyeing, aromatic and medicinal plants whose properties will be told. Not only that, there are also donkeys, goats, pigs, wild boars and many other animals that will excite not only the little ones, but also the older ones.

The ethnographic itinerary is intertwined with the nature trail, almost as if to underline the indissoluble bond between man and nature: a long journey through the history of Sardinia through objects and crafts, a cross-section of the Barbagia civilization from the 1600s to the early decades of the 1900s. told through 4500 exhibits arranged in 15 museum environments. You're sure to be hungry, and that's why the Food Experience comes full circle. A truly enchanting place that we absolutely recommend you to visit.

10) Gregoland playground

We wanted to include this beautiful park for several reasons. The first is that it is located on the Costa Smeralda, which is the most touristic area of Sardinia. The second which is a real paradise for the little ones. The third is that it is completely free. Gregoland is an 11 thousand square meter paradise of baby fun, a 5-star hotel with a breathtaking view. Thanks to the extreme generosity of Andrei and Lisa Molchanov, the park was created in honor of Gregorio Brianzoli, a close friend of the couple who worked and lived on the Costa Smeralda. Andrei and Lisa, who like many others have made Sardinia their second home, are parents of five children and have given them and all the children in the area the opportunity to grow up together: a fantastic example. The solidarity and prevention project aimed at raising awareness among institutions, young people but also all citizens on the serious tragedy of road massacres that are constantly increasing in Italy.


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