We are in the Sassari area and more precisely, for many, this is known as Logudoro Turritano . Here the whole area has a strong agro-pastoral imprint, the splendid panoramas dominated by reliefs of volcanic origin and with wide flat stretches show the scarce quantity of forests to the detriment of large expanses of pastures. Before making the itinerary I asked myself, what to see in Osilo ? A beautiful village that I enjoyed both while pointing out the locations to visit and after actually visiting them, I was amazed.

What to see in Osilo



What to see in Osilo and surroundings? We are 670 meters above the sea level, Osilo with its 3200 inhabitants is geographically located between the highlands of Logudoro and Anglona, its history is ancient and the population is strongly linked to its tradition. The economy of the village derives mainly from agriculture but also from breeding and the dairy industry. Regarding this, it is popular in Osilo to taste the very good Casu Cottu , an internationally recognized pecorino that is obtaining the DOP mark. The walk inside Osilo was interesting, I was able to notice how the town still maintains its medieval core , dominated by the charm of the Malaspina castle from which it is possible to have a magnificent view of the entire area below, including Osilo. Its historic center is magnificent and suggestive, with narrow streets, with and without cobblestones, with ancient buildings, you can breathe a different air than the rest of the country. I suggest to see the parish church of the town, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception with Catalan Gothic influences.


From the historic center it is possible not only to admire but also to head towards the Malaspina Castle , symbol of the village of Osilo. There are no official dates regarding the construction of the castle, but one thing is certain. The Malaspina had the need to protect their territories of Logudoro above all from the advance of expansion of the Doria , bitter enemies. There are numerous wars both inside the castle and in the neighboring territories, many also the changes of "ownership" until the castle was definitively abandoned leaving, at present, only a ruin. An interesting walk to discover a site with a lot of history and among the few remains, which consist of a square tower, in squared limestone ashlars, and a cylindrical tower made with basalt stones. From up here, the view is incredibly beautiful, definitely worth a visit for that alone.

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What to see in Osilo and its surroundings, perhaps between one church and another? This was built around 1450 when a group of faithful decided to thank the Madonna for the liberation of the plague which in those years caused hundreds of deaths among the local population. The church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria has a style and a mixture of baroque and local architecture, just think that in the past it was frequented all year round. Currently, however, it is only August 15, "his day", when it is celebrated  feast of Our Lady of Bonaria, with a procession that brings the statue of the Madonna back to this church. Its position is enviable and it is possible, from up here, to have an extraordinary view of the entire plain below, on a day with clear skies it will certainly be exciting. The internal part is totally in basalt and this church has a particular feature: the seat for the choir which is built in basalt stone blocks and squared limestone tuff blocks. To discover.


During the excursion I also passed in this area as the Church of San Giovanni Battista aroused an interest in me. I am sorry that it was closed and I could not see it internally, among other things I also inquired about its curious history. In no text does the name of the Church of San Giovanni Battista appear until about 1600, but many scholars are convinced that before that date it was called Santa Barbara. From 1100 to 1600 a total hole, in which, despite the existence of Osilo and some churches, neither the name of Santa Barbara nor that of San Giovanni Battista is mentioned in any text. One beauty after another, there is so much to see in Osilo and its surroundings.


I walk a few kilometers north of Osilo and arrive at a hamlet with few inhabitants, called Santa Vittoria . Here, inside the inhabited center, there is a very special church: Sa Rocca . Upon my arrival, I immediately wondered how a church built entirely on the rock, with a single nave and 5 leaning semi-columns was reduced to a state of total abandonment. There are also buttresses inside, in order to neutralize horizontal stresses. Just think that in 1976, the statue of Santa Vittoria present inside it and entirely in wax was beheaded and robbed of all its jewels. A sad story of a particular and original church that should be protected at all costs, not defaced.


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