It goes from the north center up to several km south of Olbia. This portion of the coast is one of the most famous and discussed in Sardinia . We are facing the Costa Smeralda , where during the summer season we reach very high levels of well-known personalities in the world of television, social media, sports, cinema and much more. It is an area that, when empty, shows its best with a number of small coves and some of the most beautiful beaches in North East Sardinia . In case you are oriented to visit remote beaches with white sand and crystal clear water I suggest you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, it will be a pleasure to help you to admire the beauties of a hidden Sardinia , sometimes even to us Sardinians.

A beach can have a type of conformation, it can be more or less exposed to the winds, it can be suitable for families or not. All of these factors are fundamental for the choice of a beach , for this reason our task and our work is based precisely on this: to recommend the best based on the type of traveler and his tastes / needs. The beaches of North East Sardinia are incredibly spectacular, considered by many to be the most beautiful. In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small ranking of beaches in North East Sardinia hoping that they can be of help in choosing one beach rather than another. For everything else, we are there.

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North East Sardinia beaches


Top 5 most beautiful beaches in North East Sardinia

The beautiful bay of Porto Istana is located in the Capo Ceraso area , a promontory a few kilometers from Olbia. Porto Istana is made up of 4 different beaches and we have included the third in our ranking of the most beautiful beaches in North East Sardinia . A crystalline sea, a white beach and almost never crowded, the proximity to the parking lots and the view of the Tavolara Island made me thrill but the whole family (ps: absolutely suitable for children). A tip, visit it in the period May June and September-October!


We are at Capo Testa, near Santa Teresa di Gallura and after a short staircase, adjacent to the only bar in that area, we arrive at a small beach (usually crowded in the summer) that deserves our attention. The sea is incredibly beautiful, the area is fairly sheltered from the wind and the color of the sand is pure white. The natural side dish is TOP.


I know very well that I have included a beach on the Costa Smeralda and I know just as well that in the months of June, July, August and September it is almost impractical given the overcrowding . In any case, I feel I can describe its beauty (when empty) from a natural point of view. It is one of the exclusive beaches in the area and in my opinion one of the most beautiful in north east Sardinia. The sea is turquoise, the sand is fine and white, and the rocky coastline shaped over time is absolutely prominent.


We come to my favorite. I put this small beach in second place despite the fact that from my point of view it deserves the first place together with Cala Tahiti on the island of Caprera . A greater description of the cove and the route to take to reach it is described in our post dedicated to this area. Check


Blue, turquoise, white, red: these are the colors of this wonderful cove. The blue that becomes turquoise of an absolutely fantastic sea, maintains a limpid appearance and transparency is visible at a depth of several meters (even 20). White is the color of the sand, white and fine. The reddish outline of the rocks that close this tiny bay difficult to reach on foot (by reservation and with 45 minutes with hiking / trekking shoes) but definitely worth a visit. PS: We are on the island of Caprera.

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