Do you have doubts? In this section you will find the answers to many of the frequently asked questions that our customers have asked us. If you do not find what you are looking for, write us on Whatsapp or Telegram for an immediate response.

Our service is aimed at those who intend to plan their trip to Sardinia but have neither the time nor the knowledge of the area. We are a team of qualified people , all natives of Sardinia and experts in the area . Through our experience, our advice and local contacts we will make you live an unforgettable experience allowing you to save time, stress and money during the organization of your trip. In addition to this, the uniqueness of the service is represented by innovation , since the itinerary is digital only and with an interactive and integrated map in google maps style.

All the answers to this question are on the How It Works and Costs page. You will also be able to see a tutorial lasting less than 2 minutes which can be useful to understand the usefulness of the service.

Also on the How It Works and Costs page you can view our different plans, with information on costs and what they include. In general, the cost of our itinerary planning service varies from €10 to €15 per day per itinerary (the price does not change if you are a couple or a family of 5 and does not include any accommodation/tour/other service reservations)

No, this is travel itinerary focused on tips and tricks ! Any changes you want to make can be done by yourself or you can provide us with details on what you would like to change so that we can change your itinerary.

Our partnership with Fora Travel, a New York-based tour operator, finally allows us to propose solutions regarding accommodations and then proceed to booking. About tours, you can take a look on DRAN Experience, a brand of Travel Planner Family, or book through our Escursi partners all the activities you like to experience in Sardinia.

Our social community has exceeded 20 thousand followers and it is possible to see customer reviews both on our Google Review page and on Facebook . Some influencers have recently realized the usefulness of the service, such as Claudio Sona, the only gay truncist in the history of Men and Women who has relied on us in the past 2 years, or Linda Morselli, ex-girlfriend of Valentino Rossi and Fernando Alonso and former contestant of the reality show Beijing Express 2018 who had unique experiences aboard a Vintage Van traveling a travel itinerary created by us. Agi Agenzia Italia , La Nuova Sardegna and Ringo DJ on Virgin Radio also talked about the usefulness of the service.

Our on-site assistance is one of the pillar of our service and is always guaranteed. You can rely on us in case of program changes due to bad weather or unpleasant situations that occur during the trip. We are not responsible for problems with suppliers recommended through the itinerary, as we do not do sales or brokerage. We guarantee that our web searches and our local contacts are absolutely reliable, so before booking we will provide you with a list so that you can study the company before booking.

Travel agencies or Tour Operators carry out activities of organization and intermediation of trips and stays, thus generating a profit from the bookings they make. They offer assistance with what they book and refund the damage in case of a ruined vacation.

The Travel Planner Family service takes the form of the use of advice on travel planning and the use of the interactive product called Travel Itinerary. We are experts in the area, we know the authenticity and we are able to direct you to the best locations to make the most of your travel experience. In addition to this, however, we can provide you with quotes involving accommodations in Sardinia and take care of the booking through our affiliation with Fora Travel.

If you cancel your trip, you can always use the fully digital itinerary for your next trip to Sardinia, even after many years . Before departure we will make a totally free review to modify / update the itinerary itself.

You can pay by credit card, prepaid card or bank transfer! We use one of the most secure systems for online payments, SumUp

Absolutely yes , we provide an invoice for the use of our consultancy service in planning a trip and in the purchase of our interactive product called Travel Itinerary. For more bureaucratic information, our company is registered with the Ateco code 79.90.19 (Other booking services and other tourist assistance activities not carried out by travel agencies)