From 25-07-2022 to 27-07-2022 (3 days)

DAY 1 (07/25/2021)




Authentic Fishing Village - Slow Food Presidium

Marceddì is a small, but very suggestive, fishing village located on the homonymous lagoon at the southern end of the Gulf of Oristano. This place has made the history of sustainable fishing: in fact, here the Vongola Verace is bred and fished with a selective and sustainable system as well as respectful of the environment. The fishermen with the help of a box with a glass bottom, called a mirror, scan the bottom in search of two small holes in the sand made by the siphons of the clams, they dig with skill using a particular tool to extract the mollusk, which is at about 10/15 centimeters of seabed. For this reason the fishing community has been named a Slow Food Presidium , they work every day to save this native breed from extinction by passing on the production technique and this incredible craft.

  • Port Area: In the morning, in the summer season, it is possible to meet local fishermen. It is a great time to discover their unique and sustainable method of fishing.
  • Stagno di San Giovanni: Where the village of Marceddì stands. Here the rivers Rio Mogoro and Rio Mannu enter and soften the waters. Coast and lagoon merge with archeology, in a corner of Sardinia that has always been a crossroads of peoples.
  • Torre Vecchia di Marceddì: This tower was part of the defensive system of the Gulf of Oristano, designed by Don Marcantonio Camos (governor of Iglesias) at the behest of King Philip II of Spain, due to constant Saracen incursions. For some centuries it assumed the function of a commercial sorting center and subsequently of customs.
    During the Second World War the tower was modified according to the needs of modern warfare. Great place to watch the sunset.
  • Church of the Madonna di Bonaria : It has no great artistic value, but it is revered by fishermen.
  1. Marceddì Slow Food Presidium
  2. Patronal Feast of August 20 : On August 20 the Madonna di Bonaria is honored in Terralba and Marceddì, where the fishermen organize a procession to the sea, during which the statue of the Madonna is accompanied on the water by a procession of boats.


The Pearl of the Costa Verde of Sardinia

One of the pearls of the Costa Verde , whose name derives from the Spanish tower of Flumentorgiu (17th century), a lookout against the raids of Saracen pirates. From the promontory to the south you can admire a bay with limestone cliffs, while to the north the view sweeps from the immense beach to the splendid sheltered coves. It is a perfect area for lovers of surfing, but also of fishing.

  • Parking: Present apagamento. Reachable on an asphalted road
  • On-site services: Present with bar, restaurant and bathing facilities.
  • Beach and sea: The sea has beautiful transparencies, with a mainly rocky and pebbly seabed, ideal for snorkelers. The sand is golden and the whole area offers magnificent views at sunset.
  • Wind protection: Exposed to the mistral and grecale winds. Surfers HUB.
  • Recommended activities: Surfing, Kite surfing, snorkeling in the rocky areas, coastal trekking
  • Useful info: There are dunes throughout the area. They are protected and it is forbidden to walk on them. The whole area retains a wild charm.
  1. La Casa Del Poeta: A centuries-old juniper, transformed by “Tziu Efisiu Sanna” , Guspini’s poet, into a very special dwelling that smells of helichrysum. The sensation is unique, under its branches tziu Efisiu has found his muse, and invites all visitors to discover the poet who hides in every man!
  2. Torre di Flumentorgiu : The Tower, located a few steps from the splendid beach of Torre dei Corsari (to which it gave its name), was built by the Spaniards towards the end of the 16th century to control maritime raids by Saracen pirates.
  3. Punta Usai: Small and splendid cove located under the Torre di Flumentorgiu, towards the Torre dei Corsari beach.
From October to May = LOW
June and September = LOW
August = HIGH

Afternoon evening


A food and wine journey between vineyards and tradition

Sardinia is a land rich in culinary traditions, one above all is that of wine, with the authentic Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau , Cagnulari and many others. This food and wine tour will take you to a local winery to discover the history of Sardinian wine, from the vineyards to the cellar for tasting.

  • Cost and Duration : € 25.00 per person – 1 hour
  • Distance, difficulty : Simple
  • Company : Contini (OR)
  • Reservation : Required
  • Meeting point time and location : To be agreed with the winery at the time of booking
  • Google Reviews : 4.7 / 5 (127 reviews)
  • Tips : Hat, mosquito spray, sunscreen

Dinner Tips

Da SID Restaurant

  • Location: Oristano (OR)
  • Distance from your accommodation: 2 km
  • Cuisine: Mixed (mainly Sea)
  • Budget: €€€ (Medium / High)
  • Google Reviews: 4.9 / 5 (136 reviews)

Sestante restaurant

  • Location: Torre Grande (OR)
  • Distance from your accommodation: 7 km
  • Cuisine: Mixed (mainly sea)
  • Budget: €€€ (Medium / High)
  • Google Reviews: 4.7 / 5 (331 reviews)

Matteoli farmhouse

  • Location: Santa Giusta (OR)
  • Distance from your accommodation: 8 km
  • Cuisine: Typical Sardinian
  • Budget: €€ (Medium)
  • Google Reviews: 4.4 / 5 (11 reviews)

Agriturismo Sa Ruda

  • Location: Cabras (OR)
  • Distance from your accommodation: 21 km
  • Cuisine: Typical Sardinian
  • Budget: €€ (Medium)
  • Google Reviews: 4.4 / 5 (58 reviews)

DAY 2 (07/26/2021)




Aperitif on a sailing boat in the Sinis Peninsula

Welcome to the Sinis Peninsula , an unspoiled paradise recognized by the European Commission as an ‘Eden’ destination of excellence and a unique naturalistic setting to admire all year round Starting from the tourist port of Oristano in a sailing boat with skipper , you can admire the gulf up to at the height of the archaeological site of Tharros . In the area, between coves and crystal clear water , you can dive into the magnificent sea and relax while enjoying an aperitif with two glasses of wine on the anchored boat.

  • Cost and Duration : From € 60.00 per person – 3 hours
  • Distance, difficulty : Simple
  • Guide : Excursion on a sailing boat with skipper – Sinisyachting Company
  • Meeting point time and location : From 10 to 13. Meeting point in the tourist port of Oristano
  • Points of Interest: View from the sea of the archaeological site of Tharros; Capo San Marco; Cala del Faro and Cala d’argilla for a break and an aperitif.
  • Google Reviews : 10 Reviews – 4.9 / 5 Rating
  • Tips : They represent the TOP of boat trips with skipper departing from Oristano. Payment to be made directly to Sinisyatching as we are not intermediaries, we do not receive any commission from your booking. In any case, we recommend that you mention our company at the time of booking.

Afternoon evening


A magnificent paleontological journey through the history of life on earth

The long awaited moment for the little ones has arrived. Dinosardo is a Paleontological Path that guides you to discover the exciting history of Life on Earth and the bizarre animals that have populated Sardinia, Italy and the Earth for billions of years. At the park, set up outdoors in 5 thousand square meters, it is possible to see and touch reproductions of fossils of extinct animals, including dinosaurs. There are 5 dinosaur models: 1 Argentinosaurus of 10 meters, 1 cub of Argentinosaurus of 2 meters, 1 Saltasaurus of 4 meters, 1 Stegosaurus of 3 meters and the mythical Antonio ( Tethyshadros insularis ) in life size. There is also a life-size model of Quetzalcoatlus , the largest pterosaur ever found, and various other prehistoric animals found in various parts of the world. We specify that in Sardinia no dinosaur fossils have ever been found despite the island having all the characteristics to be fertile territory for their discovery. To date, the only remains of large Mesozoic (Jurassic) reptiles that have been found on the island are some ichthyosaur teeth, which is not a dinosaur, found in the Jerzu area.

  • Cost and Duration : € 18.00 for the whole family (2 + 2) – About 1 hour
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Guide : In relation to the availability of employees.
  • Hours and Calendar : Open only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays – 10:00 – 19:00
  • Google Reviews : 135 reviews – 4.4 / 5 Rating
  • Tips : Near the Dinosardo park there is a farmhouse (Archelao – +393293570571) with excellent typical dishes. It is also a farm with vegetable cultivation and animal husbandry, it could be of interest especially for children.

DAY 3 (27/07/2021)


All day


Flora, fauna, fish ponds, archaeological sites and magnificent beaches

A sense of freedom, a rhythmic and relaxing pace, silence broken only by the passage of the wheels. A ‘sweet’ journey to discover the enchanting scenery of an ancient land, partly unspoiled, sometimes harsh and wild. Starting from Oristano, here is your route in stages:

  1. The first location is certainly the Cabras pond , the largest lagoon environment in the central-western part of Sardinia, in and around an area rich in prehistoric and historical remains.
  2. Continuing west you can admire some fish ponds, including the fish pond of Mar’e Pontis, which together with the others of the Cabras pond, continues to be, as in the past, a fundamental productive resource for the town’s economy.
  3. The third location is the magnificent beach of Maimoni (see the special) , the pearl of the Sinis Peninsula between crystalline sea and sand with quartz pebbles. You can relax, cool off and enjoy the natural spectacle of the area. There is also a bar, where you can sip an aperitif or some snacks for lunch.
  4. Torre di Seu : Represents the other point included in the route and which arrives from the beach of Maimoni. Just before the tower, a small beach hosts the wreck of Seu with the cabin of the boat still beached. From the tower instead, a magnificent view of the entire coastal area, in the surroundings, the unspoiled and protected oasis of Seu , among native plant species and plants used in Sardinian folk medicine.
  5. San Giovanni di Sinis : From the i Seu tower continue by bike along the coast and admiring the small coves and the magnificent coastal stretches. You will arrive in San Giovanni di Sinis, and a little further on, one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia, Tharros (See the special)
  6. Following the path on Google Maps, from Tharros you will return to Cabras.
  • Bike Rental Cost and Duration : From € 20.00 to € 45.00 per person per day depending on the bike chosen.
  • Bike Rent Company : BikeOr by Roberto Pigato
  • Google Reviews : 103 reviews – 4.9 / 5 Rating
  • Route Difficulty : Simple – 35/45 km according to your needs – difference in altitude 40 meters
  • Guide : Absent (if you need a guide please contact our customer service)
  • Advice : Clothing suitable for the season, sunscreen, hat, at least 2 lt. water, snacks and packed lunches.