We must make a very important premise, choosing the most beautiful beaches in East Sardinia is a heroic undertaking. They are an infinity, of different conformation, of incredible particularity, with the color of the sand and the sea that changes according to the location. The beaches of this eastern area are incredibly beautiful and at the same time difficult to reach. In case you are oriented to visit remote beaches with white sand and crystal clear water I suggest you fill out the form at the bottom of the page, it will be a pleasure to help you to admire the beauties of a hidden Sardinia , sometimes even to us Sardinians.

A beach can have a type of conformation, it can be more or less exposed to the winds, it can be suitable for families or not. All these factors are fundamental for the choice of a beach, for this reason our task and our work is based on this: to recommend the best based on the type of traveler and his tastes / needs . The beaches of East Sardinia are incredibly spectacular, considered by many to be the most beautiful. In optimal conditions we have therefore made a small ranking of the beaches of East Sardinia hoping that they can be of help in choosing one beach rather than another. For everything else, we are there

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Lido di Orrì di Tortolì is a long beach, about 15 km, wide, and full of splendid coves and inlets to discover. The sand that characterizes this part of the coast is fine, white and the waters that overlook it are low, crystalline with a sandy bottom and perfect for families with children, for this reason we wanted to place it among the top 5. Another not indifferent feature of this part is represented by the cleanliness of the beach, which is why it is considered one of the most beautiful and busy in the area. The rounded and dark rocks are a perfect outline, together with the pine forest. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Sardinia.


Who said that dream beaches are always accessible via hidden paths?!?! This could be an exception that proves the rule. To get to this beach in Eastern Sardinia you simply need to have a car that you will park a few meters from the beach. The sand you will find will be golden and the dimensions will be medium / large, the sea is splendid with many shades from green to blue. Here you will be far away from the hectic and daily life that binds you most of the time, it will be pure relaxation. With family, with children, with friends, with couples, it is splendid because it is accessible to all.


Very little to say about this splendid beach in East Sardinia . We start from its sea, perfect for snorkeling , we move on to the beach, an incredible crescent-shaped conformation and characteristic for a limestone rocky outline that, over the millennia, has been shaped by the wind allowing the creation of caves and quarries. Finally the vegetation , luxuriant everywhere. Oh, I forgot, in order not to miss anything, behind it there is a forest of pink oleanders and a small natural pool. This beach is a paradise, usually reachable by sea, to be recommended, like the cousins of the Gulf of Orosei , to be avoided in July and August due to the number of people. Unfortunately mass tourism.


A pearl to be admired especially through a boat tour, it is placed in second place in our ranking that we repeat, it is really difficult to draw up because of the numerous beaches and coves, all beautiful. A beach that has won numerous beauty awards, a Miss that has now entered full capacity as one of the most beautiful beaches ever on the international scene. Sometimes tourists come only to visit this beach and all the others in the Gulf of Orosei . They have their good reasons.


The top. For us, this beach was a heavenly view and a perfect combination of the term beach. Elegant in all aspects but at the same time wild, due to the difficult access (easier by sea or through a trek of about 1 hour and a half. The cliff, with its vegetation and the pinnacle, is a crazy outline that make this beach with white / golden sand together with its turquoise sea with a thousand reflections, a classic postcard of a Caribbean beach.

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