A few months ago we started our special Sardegna Vera column. (we also created a #sardegnavera hashtags to use on instagram). This column aims at the discovery of new sites and the creation of itineraries concerning natural, landscape and marine paths, but also paths that enhance our tradition, culture, history and gastronomy. Today we will talk about an excellent path for families and certainly a lot of fun for children who will have the opportunity not only to play but also to know and discover something new about history and natural biodiversity. An itinerary in Sardinia in the Aymerich park and a visit to the small village of Allai

Sardinia Aymerich and Allai itinerary

Representing the largest urban park in Sardinia, it is considered a real nature museum covering 22 hectares of trails, forests, streams and waterfalls. Welcome to Parco Aymerich, the perfect place for families who love contact with nature ( and for those  who want to spend a few hours in the cool underneath exotic  and ancient trees. We divide the park into 2 areas, the historic one with the castle dating back to more than 1000 years ago and the large tower, and the one that concerns wild nature. The latter is immersed in the  forest and it is possible to admire the gigantic Himalayan cedar , the Pendulous beech, the Collectia cruciata (see the photo) and the Taxus baccata , known as the Tree of Death. But not only that, you will entertain your children with a real walk in the midst of natural beauties such as natural cavities, streams, ponds and waterfalls. Take a look at the main waterfall, it is surprisingly beautiful. (Sardinia itinerary aymerich allai)

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From the historical point of view, however, the medieval castle , born with the aim of defending the city, is of considerable importance Kingdom of Arborea from the Kingdom of Cagliari. The main tower, in fact, played this important role. It was later transformed into a prison around the 18th century. Go up to the castle, go to the first floor and look out from the gothic style window, the breathtaking view over the whole plain will take your breath away. (Sardinia itinerary aymerich allai)

The Aymerich park is located in Laconi with the main entrance in via don minzoni. You will spend a different day, al fresco and in a place that probably deserves a few more visits. Some paths start from the entrance, making it easy to climb the park and allow you to discover the entire territory in all its diversity, both historical and natural. We personally enjoyed it, it was a different day from the others and above all, we discovered a place that we did not yet know. Do you want to do a few km towards Oristano? Perfect, go to a small town called Allai , you will find a wooden tree house that will drive your children crazy and most likely, you will be small too.


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