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You will save time, stress and money, because we will take care of planning your trip to Sardinia!

where to go and what to do in Sardinia?

If you like to discover off-the-beaten track locations, receive offers about accommodation and exclusive experiences full of emotions

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A tailor-made itinerary in Sardinia

We suggest you what to do, what to see, where to eat local food, where to stay, and much more--tailored for you.


You save time and money

The web is vast and deceptive, don't waste your time, use it to do what you love. We have a wide network of local partners, and with us you can save up to 30%.


Attention to detail

An innovative and digital servicethrough skills, reliability and assistance that will be at your disposal to discover the best Sardinia you can imagine.


Fora Travel

Davide Fancellu, the owner, is officially affiliated with Fora Travel, a New York-based tour operator. Thanks to this, from 2024 the travel itinerary will also be enriched with accommodation reservations , tours and transfers.

excursions to alghero coves


Did you know that we have directly visited all the places we suggest on an itinerary in Sardinia? From hidden beaches to trattorias with typical cuisine, so we know exactly what to recommend.

Zero surprises, except for those that will make you fall in love with Sardinia.

And now? Imagine your holiday in Sardinia, we will make it come true!

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